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World Languages and Cultures

World Language Requirement

The World Language Requirement

All students entering Monmouth University in Fall 2020 and after will study at least one semester of a World Language other than English. This one-semester requirement forms part of the General Education curriculum.

Monmouth currently offers courses in nine World Languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Irish, Italian, Latin, Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL). With these courses, students can fulfill the one-semester language requirement, and if they choose, continue to higher study in the language.

Students will need to complete a brief Language Survey and (possibly) a Language Placement Test before they can register for their course. Monmouth offers placement testing for most languages to ensure that students take the correct class for their level.

World Languages at Monmouth University 

At Monmouth University, we have a shared vision that guides our General Education curriculum, one that exposes our students to various areas of academic engagement and experience. Students at Monmouth must be prepared to work within the realities of global systems at home and abroad, such that cultural competence and global awareness are essential components of their academic journey. To be marketable, competitive, and truly well rounded, it is necessary for students to expand their study beyond English-only classes. 

Monmouth University provides courses that promote cultural, literary, and linguistic competence in a language other than English—including American Sign Language—while enhancing students’ soft skills such as critical and creative thinking. At the university level, students experience their language study in an authentic, collaborative, and immersive dynamic within and beyond the classroom. Language learning focuses on the integration of communication and culture, as well as interaction with the community. 

First-Year and Transfer Students with Credits in World Language

Students entering Monmouth University with AP Exam credits, International Baccalaureate (IB) credits, or college-level course credits in a world language may have already fulfilled Monmouth University’s one-semester requirement in a World Language.

For more information on AP Exam credits, please refer to Monmouth University’s Policy on AP credits and the World Language Placement Exam Policy Section H.

For more information on IB credits, please refer to Monmouth University’s Policy on IB credits and the World Language Placement Exam Policy Section H.

For more information on transfer credits, please refer to the Office of Transfer and Undeclared Services and the World Language Placement Exam Policy Section F.