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World Languages and Cultures

World Languages and Cultures

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The Department of World Languages and Cultures at Monmouth University offers courses in several languages:

▪ Arabic ▪ Chinese ▪ French ▪ German


Location: Plangere Center 127
Phone: 732-263-5493
Fax: 732-263-5478
Office Hours: Monday to Friday,
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
▪ Italian ▪ Irish ▪ Latin ▪ Spanish
▪ American Sign Language (ASL)
Taught by the Department of Communication

Monmouth University students have the opportunity to pursue Major programs of study in Spanish, and Minor programs of study in Spanish and Italian. Courses in Arabic, American Sign Language (ASL), Chinese, French, German, Latin and Irish are also currently offered.

Linguistic proficiency in a second language is in high demand by employers in many fields, and our graduates leave Monmouth University with language skills and cultural knowledge that make them stand out. In our courses, students practice communication, applying what they learn as they speak, listen, read and write in the language. Culture, literature, film, pronunciation, media studies, and
business are just some of the topics explored in our classes.

Language study at Monmouth University is easy to combine with many major and minor courses of study, and will prove very useful for several jobs and professions.

Jobs and careers greatly enhanced by language study:

▪ law ▪ medicine ▪ education ▪ government ▪ media
▪ business ▪ research ▪ social work ▪ criminal justice ▪ translation/interpretation