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Minor in Spanish for Business

About the Program

Students who Minor in Spanish for Business will be well positioned to offer employers and Graduate schools marketable skills that are very valuable in today’s globally-connected landscape. As a Spanish for Business Minor, you will gain a high level of professional proficiency and competency in the language that will prepare you to use Spanish in many professional fields.

Core Courses

  • FS 201 Intermediate Spanish I
  • FS 202 Intermediate Spanish II or FS 222 Spanish for Health Care Professionals
  • Conversation Practice
  • FS 313 Introduction to Spanish for Business
  • Choose 2 additional courses in Spanish for Business:
    • FS 412 Advanced Spanish for Business I
    • FS 413 Advanced Spanish for Business II
    • FS 414 Current Issues in Business in the Spanish-Speaking World

Questions? Contact Professor Julia Riordan-Goncalves at

Julia Riordan

Julia Riordan-Goncalves, Ph.D.

Associate Professor;
Chair, Department of World Languages and Cultures;
Director of Spanish for Business Minor

World Languages and Cultures

Plangere Center, 123