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CAC Social Justice, Advocacy, and Community Service Program (SoJACS)

The mission of the SoJACS program is to provide a platform for alumni to engage in the counseling tenets of social justice, advocacy, and community service. The SoJACS program is dedicated to establishing forums and opportunities to manifest these counseling principles into tangible action for the benefit of underserved, oppressed, or vulnerable populations. The SoJACS program will adhere to the general Mission Statement of the Counseling Alumni Connection and the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics. Please view this page for a list of timely and relevant resources related to racial justice.

Racial Justice Education Series

The Racial Justice Education Series (RJES) provides a safe and inclusive space to foster learning, growth, and community through advancing the discourse on racial injustice. Presenters and participants will share knowledge, resources, and reflections related to timely topics, and gain critical insights they can use in their personal and professional lives. All RJES educational opportunities are free of charge. The CAC encourages members of both the Monmouth community and general public to attend.

Upcoming RJES Events

Please continue checking this website for information about upcoming workshops.