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Department Argentina Trip

“Our department trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, seeks to teach students about the challenges and opportunities facing developing nations in the global economy. Student events at the Argentine stock exchange, health ministry, American consulate, and the human rights center expose students to people and issues covered in traditional course readings and featured in news headlines.”

—Ken Mitchell, Ph.D., Associate Professor


Over winter break, the Department of Political Science and Sociology organizes a two-week trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, that combines political, economic, and social events, as well as general tourism. Students first take Dr. Mitchell’s course Argentine Politics in the fall semester. In Buenos Aires, MU students stay in a Spanish-style home in the popular Palermo Viejo district; they unpack and enjoy guided tours by Dr. Mitchell and his Argentine family.

Student Group: Mitchel TripStudent Group in Argentina

Students visit the Cemetery of Recoleta (tombs of Eva Peron, Diego Sarmiento, Mitre, etc.), the famous neighborhood markets of La Boca (birthplace of Tango) and San Telmo, the Casa Rosada (presidential palace), the National Cathedral (tomb of San Martin, the Liberator of South America, their “George Washington”), and the countless parks and museums that make this the most visited city in Latin America (“The Paris of South America”). Students visit the Hospital Fernandez, the U.S. Embassy, and Instituto de Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo.

Two day-trips outside of Buenos Aires are arranged: first, to the countryside for a traditional asado (“day-long BBQ” involving waves of various cuts of meat), and second, across the widest river in the world (Rio de la Plata) to visit beautiful Colonia, Uruguay, an official UN World Heritage Location. Students also salsa dance late into the early morning hours, befriend endless locals, start dinner at 10 p.m. (or later) like the locals, and embrace the Argentine custom of eating delicious steaks every night.

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