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Undergraduate Programs

Monmouth’s criminal justice program is designed to provide a balanced and comprehensive overview of the nature and structure of the criminal justice system, with particular emphasis on preparation for careers in fields such as law, juvenile justice, corrections, criminal justice administration, and law enforcement. The program provides a solid preparation for graduate study.

The Monmouth Advantage

The Monmouth program is unique for several reasons.

  • Students study criminal behavior through an exposure to the behavioral sciences. In addition to basic and advanced professional courses, students can focus on one or more of the behavioral sciences as a minor.
  • Students acquire an understanding of technology. Much law enforcement and criminal justice work today involves computer technology, and only those who know how to use it well will rise to the top.
  • A Monmouth degree always emphasizes real-world experience and skills. Students are required to participate in a one-semester internship their senior year. Students have interned with local law enforcement agencies, prosecutors’ offices, treatment facilities, and law offices.

Career Preparation

At Monmouth, a career path in criminal justice can lead to rewarding positions in treatment facilities, probation and parole or correction facilities, as well as with local or national law enforcement agencies. A degree in criminal justice is also great preparation for law school, graduate school, or research. All provide interesting, challenging, and expanding career opportunities.

In this fascinating and growing field, Monmouth University offers an undergraduate program that positions students for career advancement, providing skills, experience, and knowledge that will last a lifetime.