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Hess ENGAGE Co-Curricular Program

What is Hess ENGAGE?

Hess ENGAGE is a co-curricular engagement program launched by Monmouth University’s Leon Hess Business School, which encourages students to build a competitive edge. This program tracks and rewards students for their engagement in activities on and off campus.
This program presents a variation of activities for students to take part in to earn competency badges correlated to different levels of engagement. Guest speakers, information sessions, webinars, internship experience, resume-building, and interview exercises are some of the ways students can engage and emerge into prosperous business professionals. All achievements can be used to build a student’s professional profile as well as be shared on different social media outlets.
As engagement increases, it enables students to create productive habits and enhances their overall college experience. Besides the knowledge learned from business courses, Hess ENGAGE is another way for students to gain new insights and knowledge of the business world they will enter.

Excel, Network, Grow, and Gain Experience

What are the Hess ENGAGE competencies?

How can I build those competencies?

Experience is the best approach to acquiring competencies. Participating in events and getting involved on or off campus will allow you to develop skills leading to competencies such as communication, leadership, and teamwork.

Build your scorecard using the 5 levels of engagement.

What else can I earn from Hess ENGAGE?

– Students will have full access to their co-curricular portfolio and will be able to print and share their co-curricular transcript.
– Students who obtain the Hess Excellence in Co-Curricular Competency badge will be awarded the Hess ENGAGE stole to wear during graduation.
– Those who obtain a merit or distinction badge will be given a cord to wear during graduation.

Program Advisor

Dr. Janeth Merkle, Assistant Dean for Student Engagement –
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