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Leon Hess Business School

Economics and Finance Research Sources

    • – – Analyses of financial and economic news and events
    • Brookings – – Research reports on domestic and international policy issues
    • Bureau of Economic Analysis – – National and international economic statistics
    • Census Bureau – – Data on the United States people and economy
    • The Central Intelligence Agency – – The World Factbook provides data on countries worldwide.
    • The Chicago Board of Trade – – Information on futures and options on futures exchanges
    • Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) – – Daily financial statistics
    • Data links – – Web links to macroeconomics information, data, and analysis
    • Energy Information Administration – – Energy data and forecasts
    • Federal Reserve Statistical Release – – Data on interest rates for selected U.S. Treasury and private money market and capital market instruments
    • Federal Reserve System – – Monetary, financial, and economic data for the United States
    • Finance! Yahoo – – Domestic and international financial data
    • Free Lunch – – is a free service provided by Moody’s, a leading independent provider of economic, financial, country, and industry research that helps businesses, governments, and professional investors worldwide meet their diverse planning and information needs.
    • The Institute for Supply Management – – ISM manufacturing and non-manufacturing reports on business.
    • The International Labour Organization – – Publishes research on work and employment worldwide.
    • International Monetary Fund – – Reports, articles, and time series data on a number of economic and financial variables including loans and exchange rates.
    • International Organization for Migration – – International Migration Reports; International Migration Law Database
    • Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research  – – Social Science data
    • – – Investor’s Business Daily, providing domestic and international financial information and data.
    • Market Watch – – Domestic and international financial data, reports and forecasts.
    • Morning Star – – Tracks financial market developments for investors, researchers and educators.
    • NASDAQ – – The official Web site of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange
    • National Bureau of Economic Research – – National demographic, health, trade, industry, and macroeconomic data
    • The New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc – – Information on physical commodity future exchanges
    • Nyse Euronext – – NYSE Euronext, the holding company of NYSE Group, Inc. and Euronext N.V.
    • Resources for Economists (REF) – – Domestic and international economic and financial data
    • United Nations Development Programme – – International reports, articles, and data related to economic development. See specifically the annual Human Development Report.
    • U.S. Department of Labor – – Employment, prices, and other national economic data
    • Valueline – – Publications on “stocks, mutual funds, options, and convertible securities as well as special situation stocks
    • The World Bank Group – – International reports, articles, and data related to economic development. See specifically the annual World Development Report.
    • The World Health Organization – – Consumer Confidence Index; Leading Economic Indicators