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Faculty Research Grants

Congratulations to the 2023 Grant Recipients

Tjeerd Boonman:  “Contageon, Currency Crisis”

Joseph Mosca/Janeth Merkle:  “HR Profile – Onboard Gen Z”

Yulin Li:  “CIP Deviations, Foreign Swap Markets”

Gina McKeever:   “Testing Bid Rent Curve”

Nguyen Pham:  “Public Policy Influencer – Social Media”

Benedicte Reyes:  “Sovereign Wealth Funds – ESG”

Daniel Li:   “Low Balling Audit Pricing – Spillover effect”

Yun Luo:   “Extreme Returns – Trading Intensity”

Robert Scott/Mikhail Sher:   “Micro Betting Instant Gamification”

Bochen Li: “Capital Allocation Q4 – Use it or Lose it”

Jangho Gil: “Firm Value – Trade Credit, CFO Gender”

Summer Research Grant Report

As per the LHBS Summer Research Grant Funding Guidelines, the recipient of the LHBS Summer Research Grant shall file a report by March 30 of the following year.

2023 Grant Application Process

The grant applications are due by March 31 and preference will be given to those who align closely to the emerging capabilities for the future (Data and analytics, customer engagement models, digital and social platforms, operations, supply chain management, project and process management, human resources, employee engagement, change management and leadership) and/or business fundamentals (marketing, management, finance, economics, real estate, leadership and organizational development, Operations, Supply Chain, Data Management, entrepreneurship, and international business).

The Summer Research Grant application process is now underway! The Business Council (who co-funds these grants) have made some changes this year to allow more time for candidates to submit applications and also to align with the curriculum advancement initiative.

As in past years, the presentations to the committee will be 5-10 minutes each and held on April 21. See the full Faculty Research Grant Guidelines. If you have any questions about the process, please reach out to Janeth Merkle.