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Experiential Learning

The Monmouth University Leon Hess Business School, in cooperation with its Business Council, offers you the opportunity to learn from experienced mentors from various business backgrounds. You also have the opportunity to experience challenging real-world involvement in your area of study in experiential education—internship, cooperative learning experience, and non-credit service learning. Working with an experienced mentor and/or participating in experiential education can be helpful to you as you seek a rewarding and satisfying job and career.

Leon Hess Business Council Experiential Learning Support:

  • Guest Lecturers – LHBC members participate in classroom experiences offering live case studies and professional experience.
  • Curriculum Support – LHBC members participate by infusing the needs of the professional environment into curriculum decisions.
  • Entrepreneurial Support – LHBC members provide professional advise and networking opportunities to student entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Career Advise – LHBC members span many industries and business roles ready to offer live and targeted advise regarding the practical and commercial aspects of a career.
  • Career Toolkit – LHBC members advise on resume writing, interview skills, interpersonal skills, and networking potential to best position students to land a role in the career they desire.