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Assurance of Learning (AoL)


The LHBS Assurance of Learning (AOL) committee will serve as the central organizational component that directs and oversees LHBS’ AOL processes. The AOL committee is composed of at least one faculty member from each department and invites a liaison from the Curriculum Committee to their meetings in order to ensure “closing the loop.”


The committee is charged with:
  • Reviewing the BSBA & MBA learning goals in collaboration with the Curriculum Committee;
  • Monitoring and facilitating the development of program objectives, rubrics, instruments and methods for assessing student achievement for each learning goal;
  • Making recommendations to faculty, chairs, administration, and/or appropriate committees regarding curriculum deficiencies in collaboration with the Curriculum Committee;
  • Disseminating the assessment results to all appropriate stakeholders, and;
  • Assuring these results are utilized for continuous improvement.


  • Dr. Michael Chattalas, Marketing and International Business
  • Dr. Mikhail Sher, Management and Leadership
  • Dr. Jonathan Daigle, Economics, Finance, and Real Estate
  • Dr. Jangwook Lee, Accounting
  • Dr. Janeth Merkle, LHBS Dean’s Office
Ex Officio
  • Dean, Associate Dean, and Assistant Dean
  • Department Chairs
  • Graduate Program Director

AoL Assessment Hub

BSBA Curriculum Map and Learning Goals

MBA Curriculum Map & Learning Goals


Ethical Principles
Global/International Issues
Analytical and Critical Thinking
Core Business Knowledge
Strategic Communication
Business Analysis
Global Decision Making
Managerial Knowledge Integration