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Assurance of Learning (AoL)

Assurance of Learning (AoL), a requirement for AACSB accreditation, is the process of demonstrating how a student achieves the desired learning objectives of our programs. By collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information about our programs, we are able to evaluate our expectations for students and enhance overall learning and success.


Andreas Christofi, Committee Chair – Economics, Finance & Real Estate

Joseph McManus – Management and Leadership

Susan Gupta, MBA Director – Marketing and International Business

Paul Savoth – Accounting Department

AoL Assessment Process

Rubrics and Ratings Sheets

Learning Goals

BAT Test

Major Field Test (MFT)

Finance major Melross C. Meneses, class of 2014, had some words of wisdom for future LHBS students.

Q. Mel, your overall score of the 65-question assessment test was 91.54%. How did you do it, and what advice would you offer to future students who will be taking the online Assurance of Learning (AoL) tests?

A. There are quite a few factors which attributed to my success on the test, but I’ll break it down to the most important ones. With anything in life, I do it to the best of my abilities. I took the test as seriously as I would take any test whether it be a part of class or not. In fact, I probably focused on this test a little bit more than normal because the test encompassed material that I learned in previous years. I am very fortunate to have had great teachers who instilled in me the main concepts of each subject which I remembered for the most part and helped me with the exam.

When taking this test, I think that every student should block off a good, convenient time slot in order to complete it uninterrupted. In essence, pick a time that you know is free from distractions. I suggest that people turn off their cell phones or any other things that might take away some focus away from you. I believe that above all else, students should regard this test as something of importance. The School uses the test to assess our learning and whether we retained it at the completion of our studies. It is part of what the School reports to AACSB for accreditation. Having this high accreditation for our business school makes Monmouth University a recognizable name in the business world and helps students with employment. So, take pride in your work and do your best.