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Bachelor’s + Master's

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For Incoming Students

Incoming first-year students interested in this program will receive notification of eligibility upon acceptance to the University; no additional application is required.

  • Eligible students entering Fall 2021 will be invited to join a Bachelor's + Master's program in May.
  • Prospective students applying for Fall 2022 and beyond will express interest in the program on the application for admission.

Incoming transfer students interested in this program will receive additional guidance on how to apply after they have been granted admission to the University.

  • Eligible students entering Fall 2021 will be provided instructions on how to apply to a Bachelor's + Master's program by May.
  • Prospective students applying for Fall 2022 and beyond will express interest in the program on the application for admission.

Contact Admissions

Please contact the admission office to speak with an admission representative. You can reach us by phone at 732-571-3456, or email


Make history come alive through archaeological digs and historical excavations. In addition to gaining critical thinking, research, analytical and communication skills, you will enjoy opportunities for internships and field experiences with historical associations, museums, heritage and educational centers, and national parks.


Study literature, writing, and rhetoric in a supportive and engaging intellectual community of faculty and peers. You will explore works of literature while gaining familiarity with a number of disciplines, including history, psychology, and philosophy. Learn from our published faculty members as well as accomplished writers featured in the Visiting Writers Series.

Design and Animation

Animation students will explore aspects of storyboarding, sequencing, 3D model development, rendering, animation, and sound, while design majors will take comprehensive courses in print graphics, web design, and motion graphics. With state-of-the-art on-site labs and studios and faculty who are practicing animators and designers with connections to the commercial world, you will benefit from one-on-one instruction and have access to the latest software and hardware needed to create stunning projects.


Navigate the evolving landscape of social and digital media through theoretical study and practical application. Develop unique and creative content using our advanced facilities and technological resources, including state-of-the-art radio and television studios and an interactive digital media production space for virtual reality and social media projects. Focus your skills in the areas of Media Studies and Production, Journalism and Public Relations, or Communication Studies.


Embrace a vibrant curriculum that encourages you to express yourself and act creatively with options to specialize in photography, studio art, or art and education. You will employ a variety of media to express human thoughts, interests, attitudes, emotions, and ideas. Our painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramic, and printmaking studios allow for personalized one-on-one instruction by practicing faculty, while our on-campus galleries provide an opportunity to showcase your creative works.


Understand and document the human experience from early ancestors to today’s urban societies. As an anthropology major, you will seek to document the human experience through cultural anthropology, archaeology, and biological anthropology. You’ll pursue archaeology, linguistics, curation, and more.

Social Work

Effectively examine human relationships through different cultural and societal lenses in order to engage with those who need assistance. Develop a well-rounded perspective on social work through electives in psychology, economics, political science, statistics, sociology, and anthropology. Connect classroom theory to the real world by completing dynamic personalized internships with local and regional organizations.

Software Engineering

Study computer and engineering science while developing the essential software engineering skills needed to excel in the design, development, and deployment of large software systems. Take part in a two-semester practicum experience modeled after a real-world need or one that is customized to meet the needs of an external client.

Medical Laboratory Science

Learn to play a vital role in the delivery of health care by analyzing and providing essential information about fluid medical specimens. Building upon a sturdy foundation of general, analytical, and organic chemistry, as well as biology and physiology, you will learn to determine the presence, extent, or absence of disease. Clinical internships at cooperating medical facilities allow students practical experience in the current testing procedures of chemistry, hematology, immunology, and microbiology.


Integrate core mathematical subjects with advanced statistics coursework to gain a sophisticated understanding and interpretation of numerical data. Collaborate with other students to investigate and solve practical problems presented by local industries or organizations. Become a logical problem-solver who can provide a unique perspective when faced with real-world challenges.