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Bachelor’s + Master's

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For Incoming Students

Incoming first-year students interested in this program will receive notification of eligibility upon acceptance to the University; no additional application is required.

  • Eligible students entering Fall 2021 will be invited to join a Bachelor's + Master's program in May.
  • Prospective students applying for Fall 2022 and beyond will express interest in the program on the application for admission.

Incoming transfer students interested in this program will receive additional guidance on how to apply after they have been granted admission to the University.

  • Eligible students entering Fall 2021 will be provided instructions on how to apply to a Bachelor's + Master's program by May.
  • Prospective students applying for Fall 2022 and beyond will express interest in the program on the application for admission.

Contact Admission

Please contact the admission office to speak with an admission representative. You can reach us by phone at 732-571-3456, or email

3+2 Program in B.S. Health Studies & Minor in Communication Sciences and Disorders/M.S.Ed. in Speech-Language Pathology

Take the first step toward a fulfilling career in speech-language pathology (SLP) and secure your spot in our competitive graduate cohort with this unique Bachelor’s + Master’s program. At the undergraduate level, you will pursue a B.S. in Health Studies along with a minor in communication sciences and disorders, exploring areas such as language development, phonetics, and anatomy and physiology of the speech and hearing mechanism. Contingent on meeting progression benchmarks, you will then transition into your graduate education while waiving fees and application requirements. As an SLP graduate student, you will benefit from specialized coursework, hands-on clinical experience, and in-depth research projects. You will also experience high-level clinical training in our on-campus Center for Speech and Language Disorders, as well as work with our community partners to develop evidence-based practice skills in both health care and school-based settings. The typical program length of time for undergraduate programs is four years. However, students in a 3+2 program will accelerate their undergraduate program to complete the required 120 credits in 3 years.

This 3+2 program is only available for high school students entering Monmouth in Fall 2022* and beyond. Students will be required to follow a set sequence of courses year-round in order to complete their undergraduate degree in three years. Speech-Language Pathology coursework begins in the summer, shortly after Undergraduate Commencement.

*Students who were previously admitted into the Fall 2020 and Fall 2021 cohorts are following a 4+2 sequence.

To Apply
  • Select the 3+2 program option on the Common Application or Monmouth University Application when you apply to Monmouth University.
  • Applications are due December 1 and must contain a personal statement detailing interest in the program.
  • Admission to the program is extremely competitive.
Progression Requirements

Admission to the 3+2 program is contingent upon successful completion of the program requirements. At the start of the student’s final undergraduate year at Monmouth (year 3), students will submit a Graduate Studies Enrollment Form for evaluation; the Graduate Studies application fee will be waived for students in the 3+2 program.

To continue on to the Monmouth’s SLP program, students must successfully meet all undergraduate degree requirements as well as the following standards

  • Bachelor’s Degree: All applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree from Monmouth University by May of their 3rd year if enrolled in the 3+2 track.
  • Prerequisites: Successfully complete 18 credits of prerequisite course work in Speech-Language Pathology via the Communication Sciences and Disorders Minor with a C of better. Applicants must also successfully complete the following prerequisite courses with a grade of C or better: course content in the areas of statistics and biological, physical and social/behavioral sciences in order to meet Standard IV-A of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. It is required that students complete these courses prior to June 15 and their enrollment in the graduate program. For more information about this coursework visit
  • Grade Point Average: Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale and a minimum GPA of 3.0 in prerequisite courses.
  • The Graduate Studies application fee will be waived for students in the 3+2 program.
  • Once your application has been verified by CSDCAS and imported by Monmouth University, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your Applicant Portal. Through this portal, you will be able to sign and upload the required Essential Skills and Standards Acknowledgement Form.
  • Resumes: Recommended but not required.
Important Financial Aid Notes

We encourage you to contact the Financial Office with any questions you may have. They may be reached at: 732-571-3463 or

Here are some important things to know:

  • Scholarships and grants awarded for undergraduate study may only be applied to your undergraduate degree program. All undergraduate awards will not continue once you enter your graduate program. 
  • Financial aid for graduate students is different, and we encourage you to work directly with the Financial Aid Office to plan for financing your graduate education.
  • Summer financial aid is available via a separate application process.  Typically the aid available during the summer is limited to loans, both federal and private, but each student’s financial aid eligibility is different and you are encouraged to consult with the Financial Aid Office to develop a plan based on your individual circumstances.
  • During the graduate portion of your program, you will be billed at the graduate tuition rate in effect at the time you are enrolled in graduate coursework.
Housing Information

Students interested in residing on-campus while enrolled in summer coursework will be housed in a double room with kitchen access. Accommodations will also include a shared living space and bathroom. The cost of summer housing adjusts from year to year. As a point of reference, summer housing in 2021 ranged from $254-$317 per week. Applications for summer housing will be posted each March, and students in this Bachelor’s + Master’s program will receive priority summer housing.