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Home Schooled Students


Monmouth welcomes applications from home schooled students!

The University recognizes the unique circumstances of home schooled students and takes the time to evaluate applicants individually. Students will be sure to appreciate Monmouth’s small class sizes that allow for individual attention and experienced faculty that are devoted to helping students from a variety of backgrounds achieve their educational pursuits.

Monmouth boasts a diverse population from 34 nations around the globe on a campus that blends historical architecture and modern aesthetics. While the University community features a populace from many walks of life, students are given the personalized support many larger institutions cannot afford to give.

Monmouth students are privy to special services including the First Year at Monmouth Office, designed to help incoming first-year students adapt to their new environment and make the transition to university life a smooth one. The Center for Student Success offers academic advising and individual personal and career counseling, while the Academic Skills Services provides personalized academic assistance. Additionally, employment counseling and skill building is available through Monmouth’s Career Services office. The University truly offers a wealth of resources to help students succeed!

A candidate for admission who has been home schooled is asked to follow the below guidelines in the application process. Please note that all home schooled students are required to meet their home state requirements and submit appropriate supporting documentation demonstrating that they have done so, should they be asked to by Monmouth University.

To apply for admission:

  1. The application for admission  should be sent to the Office of Admission Processing.
  2. A non-refundable application fee ($50) should be submitted with the application.
  3. We ask that you submit one of the following credentials:
    • Transcript from a home school program, private school or primary teacher. If a primary teacher is providing the transcript, the teacher should complete Monmouth University’s Curriculum Chart for Home Schooled Students. Please note that if any part of your high school education was completed in a conventional public or private high school, Monmouth University requests the transcript of that academic work be sent directly from the registrar of that school. Additionally, if you have completed any college-level coursework while in high school or to satisfy graduation requirements, we request that you submit all official transcripts. If coursework is still in progress, submit a course schedule.
    • Portfolio of academic work completed to include syllabi, list of textbooks used, academic curriculum outline and any other documentation of academic work completed. The portfolio must include grade evaluations by primary teacher. Also requested with the portfolio is Monmouth University’s Curriculum Chart for Home Schooled Students, to be completed by the primary teacher. All students who apply to Monmouth University must demonstrate that they have completed the following Carnegie Units: four units of English, three units of mathematics, two units of social studies, two units of science, and five additional units of academic electives chosen from the following areas: English, social studies, science, humanities, foreign languages, and mathematics.
  4. Students who apply for traditional admission to Fall 2021 must submit standardized test scores, either SAT or ACT, sent directly from the testing agency. Monmouth’s SAT code is 2416. Monmouth’s ACT code is 2571.
  5. Applicants should submit at least one letter of recommendation.
  6. Applicants should also submit a 250 to 500 word essay.


If you are an applicant who has been home schooled, we encourage you to contact Danielle Colbert, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission, for more information or for assistance throughout the admission process. She can be reached at 732-263-5872 or