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How to Apply to Monmouth University – First-year Students

At Monmouth University, we have a holistic admission process, which means we look at each and every applicant’s entire achievement history. Why? Because research—as well as our own collective years of admitting talented, intelligent, and well-rounded students—has taught us what effective measures to look for to help us best predict success at Monmouth.

Your Time to Shine

As you prepare your application, help us get to know you—your talents, academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities and personal accomplishments.

Test Optional Admission

For the class entering in 2022 and 2023, first-year applicants can choose either the Traditional or Test Optional Application Review to best demonstrate their ability to succeed at Monmouth.

We invite you to review the following information to learn more and decide on the best path for you.

Will my chances of being accepted to Monmouth be adversely affected if I apply test optional?

No. You are simply choosing an alternative way to best describe your academic story, which will not have any negative impact on your chances of acceptance.

How will Monmouth evaluate applicants who do not choose to have their test scores considered as part of their application?

The University will continue to evaluate all submitted information within a holistic review process that considers each applicant’s entire achievement history.

If I apply without test scores, will I still be considered for scholarships?

All students will be considered for merit- and need-based scholarships regardless of whether they submit standardized test scores.

Can international students apply as test optional?

International students may apply test optional, but will still be required to take tests that measure English proficiency, such as TOEFL or IELTS.

Can applicants who choose to apply as test optional still be considered for the Honors School?

Yes, qualified students who apply Test Optional may be considered for the Honors School, however, a separate Honor’s application will also be required, as test optional applicants will not be automatically considered for acceptance to the Honor’s School.

What if my scores have already been sent from a testing agency or included in my transcripts?

If you indicate on your application that you do not want your test scores considered on your application, your scores will not be included as part of your admission review, regardless of whether we have received them.

What if I am applying as a transfer student?

Please review the Transfer Application Process.

Who can I talk to about this process?

Our admission counselors are on-hand to help! You can reach us by phone at 732-571-3456, or email.

Can I still be considered for Bachelor’s + Master’s programs at Monmouth if I choose to apply test optional?

Yes! However, students who are interested in applying to the 3+3 Physician Assistant program must submit a GRE score for evaluation as a condition of admission prior to enrollment in graduate coursework. MBA program applicants may also be required submit a GMAT score as a condition of admission prior to enrollment in graduate coursework if their undergraduate cumulative GPA is below a 3.5.

Application Checklist

Applying as an international student? International student English proficiency requirements vary by country. Please visit for additional information.

Not a first-year applicant? Visit to learn about our transfer admission process.

Application Deadlines

  • Early Decision (binding) – November 15
  • Early Action (non-binding) – December 1 
  • 3+3 Health Studies/Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) – December 1
  • 3+2 Health Studies/Master in Speech-Language Pathology (MSEd) – December 1
  • 3+3 Anthropology, Biology or Health Studies/Master in Physician Assistant – December 1
  • Nursing (BSN)– December 1 
  • Regular Decision – March 1

Questions? Our admission counselors are on-hand to help! You can reach us by phone at 732-571-3456, or email.

Take the next step! Spread your wings. Prepare to soar.