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College Classes for High School Students

Monmouth University provides a taste of college life as well as a head start in college for qualified high school students who have completed at least their junior year. Enrolling in a Monmouth University course either over the summer or during the school year will give students a head-start into college-level classes and immerse them in advanced academic work while still in high school.

For summer classes, we generally recommend enrolling in Summer Session E at Monmouth which runs from early July to mid-August. Courses may be offered online or in person at our main campus in West Long Branch. Students are also able to take courses during the academic year where they fit with their high school schedule. Some examples of courses we recommend are below, though students are not limited to these courses.

  • HS 102 Western Civilization in World Perspective
  • PS 102 International Relations
  • PY 103 Introduction to Psychology
  • SO 101 Introduction to Sociology

Credits earned are held in escrow and may be applied toward a degree at Monmouth after the student matriculates as a regular student, or they may be transferred. By taking advantage of this opportunity and with careful planning of course sequences, it may be possible for a student to complete the requirements for a baccalaureate degree in three calendar years.

Questions About How to Apply and Course Availability? Contact Us

Liz Gensemer

Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission

Admission – Undergraduate

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