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Expert Guide

Monmouth University’s Marketing and Communications team offers a database of experts for use by press and media contacts. It includes Monmouth University faculty members and administrators, and their specific areas of expertise.

The purpose of the database is to provide reporters with a resource for finding experts to quote when they are working on news stories related to a variety of topics.

Use the list of available topics at left to all experts in that particular area. Or you can use the search form below.

Please contact Karen Fitzgerald at 732-571-3445 during regular business hours to speak with any individual in the expert database.

John Buzza, M.A.

Expertise: Management/Marketing

He can speak on entrepreneurship.

He worked in the restaurant business for 30 years and now teaching full time.  He holds a M.A. from University of Phoenix.

Scott Jeffrey, Ph.D.

Expertise: Management/Marketing

Dr. Jeffrey can speak about the following topics: the use of incentives in organizations, both for employees and for customers. In particular, he is interested in tangible incentives, high-end merchandise and travel. His most current project is leading up a research team exploring the motivational events industry.

Dr. Jeffrey has extensive industry experience, having worked for 11 years in California’s Silicon Valley.  He received a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago.

Michaeline Skiba, Ed.D.

Expertise: Management/Marketing

Dr. Skiba can speak on the following topics: management and professional development within managed-care settings; strategic readiness and its impact on organization-wide and behavioral change; social and behavioral issues associated with pharmaceutical promotions and marketing strategy; and learning during organizational change.

She received an Ed.D. from Columbia University.

Charles Willow, Ph.D.

Expertise: Management/Marketing

Dr. Willow can speak on the following topics: information technology management; strategic management of technology; intelligent information systems development & management operations; and management science operations research.

He received a Ph.D. from University of Houston.