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Expert Guide

Monmouth University’s Marketing and Communications team offers a database of experts for use by press and media contacts. It includes Monmouth University faculty members and administrators, and their specific areas of expertise.

The purpose of the database is to provide reporters with a resource for finding experts to quote when they are working on news stories related to a variety of topics.

Use the list of available topics at left to all experts in that particular area. Or you can use the search form below.

Please contact Karen Fitzgerald at 732-571-3445 during regular business hours to speak with any individual in the expert database.

Cira Fraser, Ph.D.

Expertise: Nursing/Healthcare

Multiple sclerosis; adherence and self-efficacy; and nursing research.

Laura Jannone, Ed.D.

Expertise: Nursing/Healthcare

Dr. Jannone can speak about school nursing, health policy, and smoking cessation in teens.

She is director of the M.S.N. Program of the School Nurse Program and is also a certified school nurse. She received an Ed.D. from Columbia University.

Rose Knapp, D.N.P.

Expertise: Nursing/Healthcare

Dr. Knapp is an E.D. and primary care nurse practitioner. She has extensive experience in teaching pharmacology and prescribing, and her area of interest is heart disease in women.

Janet Mahoney, Ph.D.

Expertise: Nursing/Healthcare

Dr. Mahoney can speak on the following topics: nursing research, administration, gerontology health issues.

She is a professor in the Marjorie K. Unterberg School of Nursing and Health Studies.

Ann Troiano, D.N.P.

Expertise: Nursing/Healthcare

Family issues.