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Expert Guide

Monmouth University’s Marketing and Communications Division offers a database of experts for use by press and media contacts. It includes Monmouth University faculty members and administrators, and their specific areas of expertise.

The purpose of the database is to provide reporters with a resource for finding experts to quote when they are working on news stories related to a variety of topics.

Use the list of available topics at left to all experts in that particular area. Or you can use the search form below.

Please contact Tara Peters at 732-263-5690 during regular business hours to speak with any individual in the expert database.

Julius Adekunle, PhD

Expertise: History/Anthropology

Dr. Adekunle can speak on the following topics: African culture, ethnicity, history, politics, and religion.

He is the author and co-author of many books including "Converging Identities: Blackness in the Modern African Diaspora" (African World, 2013), "Color Struck: Essays on Race and Ethnicity in Global Perspective" (University Press of America, 2012), "Religion in Politics: Secularism and National Integration in Modern Nigeria" (Africa World Press, Inc., 2009), and "Culture and Customs of Rwanda" (Greenwood Press, 2007).

Gilda Agacer, PhD

Expertise: Accounting/Business

Management accounting and cost analysis.

Claire Alasio, MA.Ed

Expertise: Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial aid and scholarships.

Mirta Barrea-Marlys, PhD

Expertise: Foreign Languages

Dr. Barea-Marlys can speak on the following topics: Spanish and Italian Language, Literature and Linguistics, Medieval and Golden Age Spanish Theater, Latin American Colonial Theater, and Latin American women writers.

She is a specialist in world language acquisition and pedagogy. She is associate professor of Spanish and chair of the  Department of Foreign Language Studies. She received a PhD in Romance Languages from the University of Pennsylvania.

Judith Bazler, Ed.D.

Expertise: Education

Science and math education.

Stanley Blair, PhD

Expertise: English

Dr. Blair can speak on the following topics: New Jersey literature, literary history and folklore, late 19th - early 20th century American literature, writing/rhetoric, creative writing/literary magazines.

He received a PhD from Duke University.

Kristin Bluemel, PhD

Expertise: English

Dr. Bluemel can speak on the following topics: British literature and culture (1914 - 1945), British literature of World War, and George Orwell, Anti-Semitism in 20th century Britain, 20th century British women writers, contemporary literary criticism and theory.

She is the Wayne D. McMurray Chair in the Humanities. She received a PhD from Rutgers University.

Karen T Bright, MFA

Expertise: Arts

Topics related to Graphic Design including: branding, digital imaging, digital illustration, typography, and printing. Fine arts expertise in drawing, encaustic, ink jet printing, book-making.

Jack Burke, PhD

Expertise: Arts

Directing, Theatre Production, Teaching Music and Theatre Arts.

John Buzza, MA

Expertise: Management/Marketing

He can speak on entrepreneurship.

He worked in the restaurant business for 30 years and now teaching full time.  He holds a MA from University of Phoenix.

Kenneth Campbell, PhD

Expertise: History/Anthropology

Dr. Campbell can speak on the following topics: Ireland’s history, western civilization, history of the British Isles, medieval and early modern Europe. He also has a special interest in the Beatles, on which he has taught a seminar for first-year students at Monmouth since 2010.

Dr. Campbell holds a PhD in history from the University of Delaware, has taught, researched, written, and thought about the history of the British Isles for more than thirty years

Alan A. Cavaiola, PhD

Expertise: Professional Counseling

Psychiatric problems (depression, suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction, workplace stress, etc.)

Edward Christensen, PhD

Expertise: Technology

Vice President for Information Management. Technology and electronic commerce.

Andreas C. Christofi, Ph.D.

Expertise: Business/Finance

Financial markets and related subjects.

Joseph Chung, PhD

Expertise: Computer Science/Software Engineering

Dr. Chung can speak on the following topics: careers in the computer science field, remote linux desktop options, and The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project.

He received a PhD from University of Illinois at Chicago.

Vaughn Clay EdD

Expertise: Student Life

Director, Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services, Orientation to college, student involvement/leadership and student union.

Andrew Cohen, PhD

Expertise: Arts

Art of India, contemporary South Asian art.

John Comiskey, MA

Expertise: Accounting/Business

John Comiskey can speak on the following topics: counterterrorism operations, event management, disorder control, patrol, and criminal justice administration.

He oversees the Homeland Security degree program at Monmouth University and is a retired member of the New York City Police Department. His most recent assignment included borough and citywide counterterrorism operations including the UN General Assembly and U.S. Tennis Open. John is also a retired member of the United States Coast Guard Reserve where he served as an intelligence specialist at Sector New York and Dam Neck, Virginia. He is the author of “USCG, Sector New York's 2010 Intelligence Preparation of the Maritime Domain.”

Joe Compagni, MA

Expertise: Athletics

Joe Compagni can speak on coaching collegiate athletes. He has more than 20 years of experience coaching collegiate athletes in men's and women's track & field and cross country.

In 17 seasons, Compagni has earned Northeast Conference Coach of the Year honors on an unprecedented 26 occasions, including a pair in women’s cross country, two in men’s indoor track and field, five in women’s indoor, nine in men’s outdoor track and field and eight more in women’s outdoor track. Compagni has also been honored as a USTFCCCA NCAA Division I Mid-Atlantic Region Coach of the Year four times, most recently for women's outdoor track and field in 2012. He was named MAAC Coach of the Year in 2014.

William G. Craig, CPA

Expertise: Higher Education

Financial and budget issues.

Stuart Dalton, PhD

Expertise: Philosophy

Post modernism, aesthetics, and existentialism.

Pedram Danesghar, PhD

Expertise: Biology

Dr. Danesghar can speak on Ecology and Botany, invasive species, ecosystem restoration, and rare species.

He received a PhD from University of Florida.

Rekha Datta, PhD

Expertise: Foreign Affairs

Dr. Datta can speak on the relations of Pakistan and India as well as the issue of violence against women and the empowerment of women.

She is author of “Why Alliances Endure – The United States-Pakistan Alliance, 1954-1971” and “Beyond Realism: Human Security in India and Pakistan in the Twenty-First Century.” She received a PhD from University of Connecticut.

Chad Dell, PhD

Expertise: Mass Media

Media issues in television, press, radio and communication.

Lisa Dinella, PhD

Expertise: Psychology

Dr. Dinella can speak on the following topics: gender identity, academic achievement, and career development.

Her research program is housed at the Gender Development Laboratory at Monmouth University, where she studies the social and interpersonal factors that influence individuals academic and career pursuits. She received a PhD in Family Science, with concentrations in Marriage and Family Therapy and Child Development from Arizona State University.

Kevin L Dooley, PhD

Expertise: Foreign Affairs

Dr. Dooley can speak on the following topics: international relations, European politics, and political philosophy related to ethics and justice.

He received a PhD from Rutgers University.

Catherine Duckett, PhD

Expertise: Biology

Dr. Duckett can speak on the following topics: entomology, biology and behavior of insects and international student exchange.

She serves Monmouth University as co-dean of the School of Science charged with student and faculty professional development as well as teaching evolution and other duties. Dr. Duckett has administrative expertise in mentoring, as well as scientific achievements in the evolution of leaf beetles. She received a PhD from Cornell University.

Heide R Estes, PhD

Expertise: English

Dr. Estes' recent teaching and research investigate the ways in which pre-modern literary texts engage with the natural environment.

She received a PhD from New York University.

Cira Fraser, PhD

Expertise: Nursing/Healthcare

Multiple Sclerosis; adherence and self-efficacy; and nursing research.

Aaron Furgason, Ph.D.

Expertise: Communication

Dr. Furgason can speak on issues pertaining to the radio, music and film industries.

He received his Ph.D. from Rutgers University.

Priscilla Gac-Artigas, PhD

Expertise: Foreign Languages

Foreign languages, Spanish, and Latin American.

George Gonzalez, ThD

Expertise: Philosophy

Dr. Gonzalez can speak on the following topics: postcolonial and mystical literature in the Hispanic and Francophone worlds, social ethics, and contemporary issues of religion and economics.

He received a PhD from Harvard University’s Committee for the Study of Religion/Harvard Divinity School in Religion and Society.

William Gorman, MS

Expertise: History/Anthropology

William Gorman can speak about the following topics: current events and politics (world and U.S.), contemporary economic policy and deficit, and economic history.

He received his MS from Monmouth University.

Walter Greason, PhD

Expertise: History/Anthropology

Dr. Greason can speak on the following topics: 20th Century American economy, modern world economy (1450-present), and digital and interactive education.

Dr. Greason writes about world, economic, and intellectual history. He serves as the treasurer for the Society for American City and Regional Planning History. His most recent book, "Suburban Erasure: How the Suburbs Ended the Civil Rights Movement in New Jersey," documents forgotten chapters in the northern Civil Rights Movement, while explaining the failure of racial integration to address economic inequality. In 2011, Greason won a grant from the Mellon Foundation for his innovative pedagogy, earning him recognition as an International Master Teacher. He received his PhD from Temple University.

Stanton Green, PhD

Expertise: History/Anthropology

Dr. Green can speak on the following topics: baseball and American society, virtual resources in the classroom, history of Ireland, and why the liberal arts are the best preparation for careers.

He is professor of anthropology in the McMurray School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Monmouth University. He received a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Massachusetts.

Mary C Harris, MA

Expertise: Public Relations

My area of expertise is within public relations, event planning, and social media, specifically the platforms of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs, and new trends, etc, for use by corporations, nonprofits, and individuals.

Noah Hart Jr., Ed.D.

Expertise: Education

Dr. Hart can speak on the following topics: learning style and teaching methodology; college student development; internationalization; globalization; ethics, diversity, and social responsibility; corporate governance; diversity; multiculturalism and pluralism; and workplace relationships: the key to production and profits.

He received an Ed.D. from Rutgers University.

Christine Hatchard, PsyD

Expertise: Psychology

Dr. Hatchard can speak on supporting survivors of mother-daughter sexual abuse.

She is a licensed psychologist with a private practice in Eatontown, NJ and a specialist professor of Clinical Psychology. Since 1999, she has been the director of Making Daughters Safe Again (MDSA), providing information and support for survivors of mother-daughter sexual abuse. In 2011, she released a full-length documentary, “Who Will Love Me: Four Stories of Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse,” a film that she solely produced, directed and edited. She received a PsyD from Chestnut Hill College.

William Hill, MA

Expertise: Student Life

William Hill can speak on the following topics for job seekers: resumes, interview skills, career networking and job search strategies.

He is a career expert with more than 30 years of experience in career counseling and has led Monmouth University's career services department since 1977. He received an MA from Manhattan College.

Andrea Hope, Ed.D.

Expertise: Health Studies

Professional experience in developing comprehensive worksite health promotion programs. Teaches courses in women's health and health and development across the lifespan. Special interests include body image and eating disorders, childhood obesity, and the benefits of physical activity.

Aurora S. Ioanid, MA and MLS

Expertise: Library

Technical Services, databases, electronic resources

Laura Jannone, Ed.D.

Expertise: Nursing/Healthcare

Dr. Jannone can speak about school nursing, health policy, and smoking cessation in teens.

She is director of the M.S.N. Program of the School Nurse Program and is also a certified school nurse. She received an Ed.D. from Columbia University.

Scott Jeffrey, PhD

Expertise: Management/Marketing

Dr. Jeffrey can speak about the following topics: the use of incentives in organizations, both for employees and for customers. In particular, he is interested in tangible incentives, high-end merchandise and travel. His most current project is leading up a research team exploring the motivational events industry.

Dr. Jeffrey has extensive industry experience, having worked for 11 years in California's Silicon Valley.  He received a PhD from the University of Chicago.

Vonetta D Kalieta, PhD

Expertise: Psychology

Vonetta Kalieta, PhD., LPC, NCC completed a B.A. in Psychology, M.A. in Counseling Psychology, and a Post Master’s Certificate in Professional Counseling at Monmouth University and her Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology at Walden University. She became a Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor and worked with the K-12 population as a Student Assistance Counselor for many years. In the 2008 to 2010 school years she developed and became the program manager of the Student Athlete Success Program (SASP) at the Township of Ocean High School. During her tenure as the program manager of SASP, she was a Mental Skills Training consultant for both Monmouth University’s Men’s and Women’s Track and Field teams and Farrah Builder’s Baseball teams; an elite high school baseball team. Dr. Kalieta presented her work on the SASP at the American Psychology Association’s (APA) Annual Conference and conducted research on the self-perceptions of college student- athletes, which was also selected for poster presentation at the 2012 APA conference. Currently, she provides Mental Skills training to high school, college and professional athletes. She also works as the mental skills trainer to baseball players prior to and after the Major League Baseball Draft at a company named East2West Sports, whose president is Darryl Strawberry.

George Kapalka, PhD

Expertise: Professional Counseling

Dr. Kapalka can speak on the following topics: clinical psychology, psychopharmacology, child and adolescent psychology, learning disabilities, and forensic psychology.

He is a clinical psychologist and mental health counselor who holds board certifications in several areas of practice. He has been in practice for over 20 years and primarily focuses on the treatment of children and adolescents with behavioral, emotional and learning disorders. For over a decade, he has been a member of medical staff at Meridian Health, Brick Hospital Division, and a primary care hospital. In addition, Dr. Kapalka is school-certified in NJ and heads a state-accredited Independent Child Study Team. Dr. Kapalka’s research program has focused on the education and treatment of youth with disruptive disorders, as well as the use of nutritional and herbal supplements in the treatment of children and adolescents. He is an author of five books (one of which is translated into eight foreign languages) and dozens of professional publications and presentations. He received a PhD from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Robert M. Kelly Jr., MSEE

Expertise: Computer Science/Software Engineering

RFID, agile software development, business-technology interactions, and complex systems architectures.

Rose Knapp, DNP

Expertise: Nursing/Healthcare

I am an ED and Primary care nurse practitioner. I have extensive experience in teaching Pharmacology and prescribing. My area of interest is also Women and Heart Disease.

Scott Knauer, MFA

Expertise: Arts

Art exhibitions, curating.

James F. Konopack, PhD

Expertise: Health Studies

Psychological aspects of physical activity, aging, behavioral research, behavior change interventions, running, health education

Dmytro Kosenkov, PhD

Expertise: Chemistry/Physics/Medical Technology

Dr. Kosenkov can speak on the following topics: physical chemistry, computational chemistry, quantum chemistry, and biophysics.

He received a PhD from Jackson State University.

Kate B Lepis, PhD

Expertise: Environment/Nature

Field Botany and use of native plants in the landscape. Plant systematics.

Gary Lewandowski, PhD

Expertise: Psychology

Dr. Lewandowski can speak about the role of self in romantic relationships including such processes as: attraction, relationship initiation, relationship maintenance, infidelity, and break-up.

He is a co-founder of and director of the Relationship Science Laboratory at Monmouth University. Dr. Lewandowski's work has also appeared in numerous media outlets such as: CNN, the New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, WebMD, Radio Health Journal, Science Daily, Women’s Health, Marie Claire, Woman’s World, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Self Magazine, and Ladies' Home Journal. He received a PhD from Stony Brook University.

Peter W. Liu, PhD

Expertise: Criminal Justice

Criminal justice in China, juvenile delinquency. History/anthropology expertise - Chinese history, language, and cultures.

Dorothy Lobo, PhD

Expertise: Biology

Dr. Lobo can speak on the following topics: cell and molecular biology and signal transduction pathways. Current research includes the regulation of stress signaling pathways during cell proliferation and programmed cell death.

She received a PhD from The Catholic University of America.

Tony MacDonald, JD

Expertise: Environment/Nature

Tony MacDonald can speak on the following topics: ocean resources management issues and public policy, federal environmental legislation and congressional affairs.

He is director of Urban Coast Institute.  He was previously the executive director of the Coastal States Organization (CSO) from 1998-2005. CSO, based in Washington, DC, represents the interests of the Governors of the United States’ 35 coastal states and territories on coastal and ocean policy matters.

Janet Mahoney, PhD

Expertise: Nursing/Healthcare

Dr. Mahoney can speak on the following topics: nursing research, administration, gerontology health issues.

She is the dean of the Marjorie K. Unterberg School of Nursing and Health Studies.

Golam M Mathbor, PhD

Expertise: Disaster Management

International expertise in community involvement in disaster relief and management projects.

Golam Mathbor, PhD

Expertise: Social Work

Dr. Mathbor can speak on the following topics: community participation and coastal community development, disaster management, international social development, and international social work.

He received a PhD from The University of Calgary, Canada.

Robert D. Mc Caig, Ed.D.

Expertise: Admission

Vice President for Enrollment Management. Getting into college, preparing your son or daughter for college, getting into graduate school.

Sheila McAllister-Spooner, PhD

Expertise: Public Relations

Web-based public relations, media relations, and communication challenges in higher education.

Chief William McElrath

Expertise: Criminal Justice

Monmouth University Police Department Crime prevention, youth development, criminal justice career guidance.

Jen McGovern, PhD

Expertise: Sociology

Dr. McGovern can speak about how sport both reflects and challenges social inequalities, such as social class, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, and sexuality.

She received a PhD from Temple University.

Marilyn McNeil, Ed.D.

Expertise: Arts

Athletics, Title IX, gender, equity, student-athlete, welfare issues, and social issues of sport.

Nancy Mezey, PhD

Expertise: Sociology

Dr. Mezey can speak about the following topics: how and why families are changing today; work-family balance issues; issues concerning diverse sexualities (e.g., lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) marriage and marriage equality, issues concerning race class, gender and sexual inequalities, and issues concerning West Africa.

She received a PhD from Michigan State University

Elisabeth A Mlawski, MS

Expertise: Educational Leadership, School Counseling & Special Education

Child language development

Elisabeth Mlawski, MS

Expertise: Educational Leadership, School Counseling & Special Education

Elisabeth Mlawski can speak on the following topics: effectiveness of treatment, language development across the lifespan, and language and literacy in school-age children.

She has worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist since 1994 in a variety of clinical settings including the New York City Board of Education, Jersey City Medical Center, Cornerstone Day School, and the Springfield Public Schools. She is currently a PhD candidate at Seton Hall University.

Greg Moehring, PhD

Expertise: Chemistry/Physics/Medical Technology

Inorganic Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Industrial Chemistry

Donald M. Moliver, PhD

Expertise: Real Estate

Real Estate finance and real property evaluation (appraisals).

Patrick Murray, MA

Expertise: Politics/Government

Patrick Murray can speak about New Jersey and United States politics, public policy, and public opinion.

He is the founding director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. He has more than 15 years of experience conducting media polling and custom-designed research projects and is a frequent media commentator on politics and public opinion. He received a master's degree from Rutgers University. For more information, visit

Mary Anne Nagy, MBA

Expertise: Student Life

Mary Anne Nagy can speak on the following topics: student life and higher education; crisis management; student/conduct/judicial processes; transition to college (keys to success for parents and students); and managing town/gown relations.

She received an MBA from Monmouth University.

Roy Nersesian, MBA

Expertise: Management/Marketing

Roy Nersesian can speak on the following topics: marine transportation, simulation in corporate finance risk management, and energy.

He received an MBA from Harvard University.

Eleanor Novek, PhD

Expertise: Communication

Dr. Novek can speak about communication in prisons, nonviolence, qualitative research, service-learning, and outsider journalism.

She volunteers for the Alternatives to Violence Project, a non-profit organization that empowers people to lead nonviolent lives through community building, cooperation, and trust.  Today, its workshops take place in prisons, schools, corporations, churches, community centers, and in conflict zones around the world, including Rwanda, Kenya, and the Middle East. Dr. Novek is a former journalist who teaches journalism and communication ethics at Monmouth University. She received a PhD from University of Pennsylvania.

Judith Nye, PhD

Expertise: Psychology

Dr. Nye can speak about experimental social psychology, leadership as viewed through the eyes of the follower, college transitions, and how students make sense of their world.

She received a PhD from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Cynthia O'Connell, MEd

Expertise: Educational Leadership, School Counseling & Special Education

She can speak about the benefits of yoga in the classroom.

She has worked as a health and physical education teacher, school counselor and director of guidance in New Jersey. She received a MEd from The College of New Jersey.

Patrick L. O'Halloran, PhD

Expertise: Economics/Finance

Labor economics, labor markets, discrimination, payment schemes, on-the-job training.

Michael Palladino, PhD

Expertise: Biology

Dr. Palladino can speak about the molecular biology of male reproductive organs. This includes studying innate immunity and antimicrobial properties of reproductive cells (how cells of the male reproductive tract recognize and protect themselves from damaging bacteria) and cellular and molecular responses to oxygen imbalance in reproductive organs.

Dr. Palladino is co-author of leading textbooks in genetics and biotechnology. He received a PhD from University of Virginia.

Tina R Paone, PhD

Expertise: Educational Leadership, School Counseling & Special Education

I am an expert in two areas: play therapy and racism/racial identity. I have published and given numerous presentations on both topics and am very well versed in current literature on the topic.

Tina Paone, PhD

Expertise: Educational Leadership, School Counseling & Special Education

Dr. Paone can speak on the following topics: school counseling K-12; student affairs and college counseling; and play therapy.

She received a PhD from University of Nevada.

Katherine Parkin, PhD

Expertise: History/Anthropology

Women's history, and advertising history.

Joseph N. Patten, PhD

Expertise: Politics/Government

Public policy, media law, state and local politics, and international relations.

Thomas S. Pearson, PhD

Expertise: Higher Education

Strategic planning, faculty development, curriculum and outcomes assessment.

Thomas Pearson, PhD

Expertise: Foreign Affairs

Russian Affairs

Vaune Peck, MA

Expertise: Arts

Performing Arts presenting, audience development, marketing.

Karen Pesce, PhD

Expertise: Biology

Dr. Pesce can speak on the following topics: environmental microbiology; impacts of human activities on the environment; and teaching science through authentic learning.

She received a PhD from Rutgers University.

Michael Phillips-Anderson, PhD

Expertise: Communication

Dr. Phillips-Anderson can speak on the following topics: political communication, campaigns, public speaking, humor, humor and politics.

He received a PhD from University of Maryland College Park.

Joe Rapolla, MBA

Expertise: Arts

Joe Rapolla can speak on the following topics: music industry, entertainment, digital media, digital marketing, social marketing streaming, business strategy, engagement marketing, direct to consumer marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Joe Rapolla is the music industry program director and chair of the Department of Music and Theatre Arts at Monmouth University.  A recognized music industry innovator, he built and led integrated marketing departments at Universal and Warner Music Group. He also helped build a direct-to-consumer marketing agency and a social research agency, and ran marketing for the video game division of Def Jam Enterprises. He has directed programs for top talent, such as Madonna, Bon Jovi, U2, Green Day, and Sting, and has partnered with the world's leading entertainment, media, and consumer brands and agencies. He has earned multiple Gold Records for his work at the music companies. He is also a performing songwriter and producer. He has released three studio CD's and film soundtrack, collaborates with top writers and artists in NYC and Nashville, and continues to perform locally and abroad. He received an MBA from Monmouth University.

Barbara Reagor, PhD

Expertise: Disaster Management

Dr. Reagor can speak on the following topics: disaster prevention& recovery, crisis management, chemical contamination, network reliability, network risk assessment, and national security emergency preparedness associated with telecommunications and information technology systems.

She received a PhD from Seton Hall University.

Peter S. Reinhart, Esq

Expertise: Real Estate

Real Estate zoning and land use, affordable housing, and business legal questions.

Ronald Reisner, PhD

Expertise: Politics/Government

Supreme Court decisions.

Dennis Rhoads, PhD

Expertise: Biology

Dr. Rhoads can speak on the following topics: alcohol and drug abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction, genetics, biochemistry, and behavior.

He received a PhD from University of Cincinnati.

Daniela Rosca, PhD

Expertise: Technology

Software system requirements.

Stuart Rosenberg, PhD

Expertise: Economics/Finance

Dr. Rosenberg can speak about the impact of the economy on business strategy.

He received a MBA and PhD from Fordham University.

Saliba Sarsar, PhD

Expertise: Foreign Affairs

Dr. Sarsar can speak about Arab-Israeli peace issues and Middle East affairs.

He received a PhD from Rutgers University.

Paul G Savoth, JD

Expertise: Accounting/Business

Income taxes and business law.

Karen Schmelzkopf, PhD

Expertise: History/Anthropology

Tourism, and urban issues in central New Jersey.

William Schreiber, PhD

Expertise: Chemistry/Physics/Medical Technology

Dr. Schreiber can speak about organic chemistry and his research on new flavor and fragrance materials.

He received a PhD from the University of Rochester.

Michaeline Skiba, Ed.D.

Expertise: Management/Marketing

Dr. Skiba can speak on the following topics: management and professional development within managed-care settings; strategic readiness and its impact on organization-wide and behavioral change; social and behavioral issues associated with pharmaceutical promotions and marketing strategy; and learning during organizational change.

She received an Ed.D. from Columbia University.

Janice Stapley, PhD

Expertise: Psychology

Dr. Stapley can speak on the following topics: psychology of gender, emotion, adolescent and young adult development; development of gender roles; adolescents and emotion; and media and adolescents, especially music and communication technology.

She received a PhD from Rutgers University.

Sharon Stark, PhD

Expertise: Nursing/Healthcare

Dr. Stark can speak on the following topics: Aging Issues, geriatric care, health promotion, illness and health.

She received a PhD from Widener University.

Douglas Stives, MBA

Expertise: Accounting/Business

Doug Stives can speak on the federal income tax and estate planning and tax planning for real estate owners including like kind exchanges under Internal Revenue Code Section 1031.

He was cited as "the Most Tax-Efficient Man in America" in The Wall Street Journal. He received his MBA from Lehigh University.

David Strohmetz, PhD

Expertise: Psychology

Restaurant tipping behavior, and consumer behavior.

Patricia Swannack

Expertise: Higher Education

Human Resources, facilities management, construction, renovation, and energy issues.

Claude Taylor, MA

Expertise: Communication

Claude Taylor can speak about communication theory and political communication and media studies. His research interests include explorations of the relationship between contemporary media in the United States and political participation across identity categories such as race, class, and gender; the relationship between social class, the media, and democratic citizenship; and the intersection of popular culture and U.S. politics.

He received a MA from West Chester University.

William Tepfenhart, PhD

Expertise: Technology

Software system design, artificial intelligence and management of new technology.

John Tiedemann, MS

Expertise: Environment/Nature

John Tiedemann can speak on the following topics: marine ecology, coastal zone management, environmental science, and marine and environmental education. Current applied research includes macrozooplankton studies of Barnegat Bay and an analysis of catch and release stress in angled striped bass.

He received an MS from Florida Institute of Technology.

Ann Troiano, DNP

Expertise: Nursing/Healthcare

Family issues.

Dorothy Vargiannes, Ed.D.

Expertise: Education

Dr. Vargiannes can speak about the following topics: teaching mathematics for understanding K-12; performance assessment; New Jersey core curriculum content standards; professional development; and professional teaching standards.

She received an Ed.D. from Seton Hall University.

Richard Veit, PhD

Expertise: History/Anthropology

Archaeology of New Jersey and the Northeast, both Native American and historic, New Jersey history (but not political history), and historic preservation.

Lauren Vento-Cifelli

Expertise: Planning for College

Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management.

Michael Warshaw, JD

Expertise: Law

Michael Warshaw can speak on the following topics:  insurance law (including automobile insurance), municipal court and traffic law, social security disability, contracts, negotiable instruments, business entities, and distracted driving .

He received a JD from Brooklyn Law School.

Charles Willow, PhD

Expertise: Management/Marketing

Dr. Willow can speak on the following topics: information technology management; strategic management of technology; intelligent information systems development & management operations; and management science operations research.

He received a PhD from University of Houston.

Kenneth Womack, PhD

Expertise: Beatles

Dr. Womack offers a wide range of Beatles talks, including multimedia presentations about the evolution of their music and the innovative production techniques associated with Sir George Martin, their famed producer and collaborator.

Dr. Womack is an internationally renowned Beatles authority, having published five books devoted to the band’s life and times, including Reading the Beatles: Cultural Studies, Literary Criticism, and the Fab Four (2006), Long and Winding Roads: The Evolving Artistry of the Beatles (2007), The Cambridge Companion to the Beatles (2009), The Beatles Encyclopedia: Everything Fab Four (2014), and New Critical Perspectives on the Beatles: Things We Said Today (2016). In 2010, The Independent named The Cambridge Companion to the Beatles as “Music Book of the Year,” while Choice honored it as a “Significant University Press Title for Undergraduates, 2009-2010.” Dr. Womack is also the author of the first full-length biography of Sir George Martin, the group’s legendary producer.

Melissa Ziobro, MA

Expertise: History/Anthropology

Melissa Ziobro can speak on the following topic: oral history, public history, Fort Monmouth, 20-21st century American military history, women in the United States military, archives, records, collections management, and museum studies.

She received a MA from Monmouth University.