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Green Campus

Leading the Way to a Greener World

Monmouth University is committed to pursuing green initiatives on campus, and all of us here—from administrators to students—are active participants in this mission. In a collaborative effort, we are constantly developing new ideas and programs to make the University more efficient and less wasteful.

The University is a member and/or partner of various green organizations or agencies. Our sustainability efforts range from carbon emissions reduction to energy conservation projects, which involve constructing new energy-efficient buildings and retrofitting older ones with new technology. Being “green,” however, doesn’t mean that we wait for the next big project to come along. All across campus, you’ll see that we do the little things that make a big difference, from recycling, to conserving water, to shutting off equipment and lights when not in use.

We know that sustainability starts in the classroom. Through academic programs like our minor in global sustainability, we educate students about the importance of forging a greener earth. In addition, through our actions and dialogue, we stress our initiatives to all members of the local and University community.

We are pleased to say that we were the first private institution of higher education in New Jersey to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Environmental Protection Agency. As per this document, the University agreed to lead and participate in activities that promote environmental safety and awareness.

We have established a Sustainability Advisory Council (SAC), which is an interdisciplinary work group made up of members of the University community including faculty, administrators, staff, and students. The SAC promotes environmental awareness through education, outreach, and events. The SAC reviews current sustainability efforts and recommends changes and actions that will positively impact the campus.