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  • 2018 Guide to Summer Financial Aid

    Welcome to the Financial Aid Office's guide to summer financial aid. The frequently asked questions below will provide you with valuable information regarding the application process, types of aid available, costs, and more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Applying for Aid

    Financial Aid Availability

    What types of aid are available?

    Payment and Billing Information

    Academic Sessions

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    Applying for Aid

    How do I apply for summer financial aid?

    Step 1: Complete your registration for summer courses

    Step 2: Complete and submit a Summer Financial Aid Application.

    Step 3: Complete and submit a FAFSA for both the 17-18 and 18-19 academic years. If you have not completed either FAFSA, please do so at

    How many credits do I have to take to qualify for aid?

    Students need to register for at least six credits over all summer sessions to be eligible for most aid programs; however, there are some private loan programs available to students taking fewer than 6 credits. If your registration drops below six credits, your summer financial aid package will be adjusted. These adjustments may create a balance due on your account. Please contact the Office of the Bursar to make payment arrangements.

    When will I get my summer award package?

    Your summer financial aid application will be individually reviewed to determine your aid eligibility for summer sessions. A summer financial aid package will be sent to you as long as you are registered and have submitted a summer financial aid application. Completion of the summer financial aid application does not guarantee eligibility for any type of assistance.

    Once I have my summer financial aid package, what are my next steps?

    If your financial aid package includes a Federal Pell grant, additional documentation may be required. You will receive notification under separate cover, if necessary, listing the documents required.

    Institutional scholarships, grants, and fellowships do not require any further action.

    If you borrowed a Federal Direct Loan during the 2017-18 academic year and have been awarded one for the summer, no further action is required. New borrowers must sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and complete an Entrance Counseling. Additional instructions will be sent via email.

    If a Federal Direct PLUS loan has been suggested, you may either have your parent apply online at or he/she may submit a new request form to the Financial Aid Office. Click here to download and print forms.

    If a private alternative loan has been suggested, a separate loan application must be completed for summer. Please refer to your Summer Financial Aid Award Letter for lender name.

    What if I have to change my housing or registration status?

    If you change your registration or housing status after completing the summer financial aid application, please contact the Financial Aid Office so we may adjust your summer financial aid package. Should you decide to change your housing status, please contact Residential Life as well.

    Financial Aid Availability

    What types of aid are available?


    Federal Pell Grant


    Federal Direct Loan

    Private Alternative Financing

    Federal PLUS Loan Programs

    Graduate Scholarships

    If you are awarded a Graduate Scholarship, you must maintain enrollment in at least 6 credits over the entire summer. Click here for more information.

    Second Master's Scholarship

    Math/Science Educator's Scholarship


    Federal Direct Loan 

    Private Alternative Financing

    Graduate PLUS Loan 

    Is there any financial aid available if I take just one summer course?

    Financial aid is limited for students who are registered for fewer than 6 credits over all summer sessions; federal loans and payment plans are not available. One option is a credit based private alternative loan. To assist you in finding the loan that may be right for you, we have compiled a  Alternative Lender List.

    Is financial aid available for off-campus living expenses?

    Financial aid, usually loans, may be used for off-campus living expenses. If you would like financial aid for your summer living expenses, please request it when completing the summer financial aid application; you may however not be eligible for the entire amount you request. Know also that if you have requested additional funds for living expenses, those funds will not be immediately available to you. Refund checks are issued by the Office of the Bursar after your financial aid has been finalized and credited to your account. You should be prepared to pay your expenses until you receive your refund check.

    What types of aid are available for visiting students?

    There are financial aid options available for students who are visiting from other universities.

    1. Consortium Agreement
      If you receive financial aid at your home school and would like your home school to process your financial aid, you should contact your school's Financial Aid Office regarding a consortium agreement. For more information regarding consortium agreements, please contact Nancy Hanson at
    2. Private Alternative Financing
      As a visiting (non-matriculating) student, you do not meet the eligibility requirements for the federal loan programs. However, you may wish to consider an alternative loan from a private lender. To assist you in finding the loan that may be right for you, we have compiled a Alternative Lender List. You are free to choose ANY lender - whether it is on the list of not - without penalty. In the event that you choose a lender not appearing on the list, please notify the Financial Aid Office so we may assist in processing your loan. PLEASE BE SURE WHEN CHOOSING A LENDER THAT YOU MEET ALL ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS.

    Payment and Billing Information

    How much will it cost?

    Undergraduate tuition per credit rate: $917
    Graduate tuition per credit rate: $1,199

    Residence Hall weekly room rate: $232
    Great Lawn Apartments weekly room  rate: $289
    University Bluffs weekly room rate: $313 (if you are in an annual contract you will be charged $2520 total for the summer)

    Meals plans are offered by Gourmet Dining.  You may choose and pay for a meal plan at the Student Center.  Cash or credit card is accepted.  Here are the following plans offered for the summer:

    10 Block Meal Plan (includes $10 declining dollars): TBD

    20 Block Meal Plan (includes $20 declining dollars): TBD

    30 Block Meal Plans (includes $30 declining dollars): TBD

    When is my bill due?

    The Bursar's Office will start the summer billing process on April 4th.  Summer bills will be due on May 2nd for all summer sessions. 

    Are tuition payment plans available for summer sessions?

    Payment plans are not available for summer sessions.

    What is the refund policy for withdrawals during the summer sessions?

    FOR WITHDRAWALS - Summer Sessions

    Refunds, upon withdrawal from summer sessions, will be made according to the policy stated below:

    • Students who withdraw from a four-week or six-week summer session within the first week of the session will receive 100 percent refunds. Withdrawals after the first week are not eligible for refunds.
    • Students who withdraw from a nine-week or twelve-week summer session within the first week of the session will receive 100 percent refunds. Fifty percent refunds will be given if students withdraw from courses in the second week. Withdrawals after the second week are not eligible for refunds.

    Contact Information

    Financial Aid Office

    Phone: 732-571-3463
    Fax: 732-263-5577
    Office location: Wilson Hall, Room 108

    Office of the Bursar

    Phone: 732-571-3454
    Fax: 732-263-5365
    Office location: Wilson Hall, Room 110

    Office of Undergraduate Admission

    Phone: 732-571-3456 or 800-543-9671
    Fax: 732-263-5166
    Office location: Wilson Hall, Room 102

    Office of the Registrar

    Phone: 732-571-3477
    Fax: 732-263-5141
    Office location: Wilson Hall, Room 208

    Office of Residential Life

    Phone: 732-571-3465
    Fax: 732-263-5127
    Office Location: Pinewood Hall