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    Garden Apartments, Great Lawn Apartments, Maplewood Apartments

    Garden Apartments
    Garden Apartments
    Great Lawn Apartments
    Great Lawn Apartments
    Maplewood Apartments
    Maplewood Apartments

    These apartments each house four to six students in single (Garden) and double (Great Lawn and Maplewood Hall) rooms. They are reserved for upperclassmen.


    Great Lawn Bedroom
    • Air-conditioned, carpeted, blinds for the windows
    • Desks for each student
    • Cable and computer connections
    • Full kitchen
    • Laundry machines located in each apartment (Garden and Great Lawn) or in the basement (Maplewood Hall)

    Room Specifications:

    Great Lawn Bedroom Closet
    • Approx. living room size: 14’ x 13.5’Approx. bedroom size: 10’ x 14’
    • Mattress size: 80” (only twin, extra-long sheets fit the mattress)
    Great Lawn Bathroom    Great Lawn Laundry