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A Place to Learn and Grow

Supporting Student Success

Investing in the co-curricular experience of Monmouth students builds learning and living space that helps forge close personal bonds, and fosters collaboration with faculty.

From our real-time trading room ticker in the Financial Markets lab, to showcase laboratories in the School of Science, or our best-in-class athletic stadiums, cutting-edge campus facilities attract outstanding students and faculty.

A Place to Grow

Careful attention to living and learning spaces helps make our sterling coastal campus a safe place to mature and grow intellectually. Our academic community is grounded in a mix of buildings that range from national historic landmarks like the Great Hall at Shadow Lawn and the Murry and Leonie Guggenheim Library, to brand new classroom and lecture space in Pozycki Hall and the newly renovated Edison Science Building.

Outstanding Facilities

Recent projects include significant renovations to our science facilities, anchored by a center atrium housing the Urban Coast Institute, research labs, classrooms, and conference and seminar space.

The opening of Pozycki Hall, which has become a showcase for the Leon Hess Business School, and construction of the new Henni Kantor Kessler & John H. Kessler Stadium – home to more than half of all campus athletes – has enhanced the school spirit of our entire university community.

New residence housing, like Hesse Hall and Mullaney Hall, offer comfortable student housing, especially during their formative first and second years, often a period when lifelong friendships are formed.

Whether you are interested in naming a building, laboratory, classroom, or student lounge, your support builds a better Monmouth for the future – and makes an impact on our students today.