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Support for Excellence

Support for Excellence

Gifts to each Excellence Fund at Monmouth University allow our Deans and program directors to deliver on the promise of a private education and launch our students into successful careers.

At each school and center, Excellence Funds support direct student research opportunities alongside faculty, and help offset travel expenses to academic conferences to present their findings.

Support Student Organizations

These crucial funds are also used to support student organizations, which enhance out-of-classroom learning experiences.

Attracting and retaining outstanding faculty who engage students to help them discover their passions and engender a love of life-long learning is also a critical focus of Excellence Fund allocations.

Support for Emergency Situations

In times of need, the Excellence Fund also provides emergency assistance for students who may be experiencing unexpected financial difficulty, and can be used to cover tuition, books or student fees.

Each school dean is supported by a director of development who can help match your passion to a program on campus.