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  • Frequently Asked Questions on Study Abroad for Monmouth University Students

    When can I go and what are the requirements?

    • You must have sophomore status
    • Minimum GPA of 2.75
    • You cannot be on judicial probation
    • You cannot be on academic probation
    • Faculty or Staff Confidential Reference
    • Study Abroad during the fall, spring or summer

    Where can I go?

    Monmouth University currently offers three semester programs. You can choose to study abroad in London, England, at Regent’s University London; Sydney, Australia, at Macquarie University; and/or Florence, Italy (offered in fall only) at Lorenzo de Medici. The England and Italy semesters run along similar times as our own. In Australia, the fall semester begins in late July and runs through late November; the spring semester begins in late February and ends in late June.

    During the summer (typically from mid-June through July), we offer a six-week Cádiz, Spain, program and a 4 week Florence, Italy program. Students who study in Spain take 6 credits while receiving excellent instruction in Spanish courses, ranging from beginner to advanced level. Classes are kept small and intimate for optimal language learning. For students studying in Florence, Italy classes are taught in English, except Italian Language courses. Course offerings for the summer program are in the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, Political Science, Studio Arts, and Italian Language.

    Students are required to take six credits and can fulfill a 6-credit GU/CD requirement in the Cadiz, Spain program and the Experiential Education Requirement (if applicable for their major) during both of these summer programs.

    How much will it cost?

    • Monmouth University semester programs have the same tuition and fee costs as on-campus. Room and board rates also are similar.
    • Airfare and spending money will make up the bulk of your expenses outside of tuition and room and board.
    • Check out the 'Study Abroad Costs' page in the portal.

    Can I Use Financial Aid?

    • Your current financial aid travels with you for the Monmouth semester programs. This means you can use your Monmouth grants and scholarships, as well as federal and state grants, scholarships, and loans.
    • Athletic scholarships cannot be used toward a study abroad semester during the academic year but they can sometimes be used for the summer Spain/Italy programs. We recommend that you speak with your coach about this.
    • If you study abroad program on an approved outside program those costs can be used to determine your eligibility for federal and state financial aid; you cannot, however, apply your Monmouth University grant or scholarship toward these outside programs.
    • Airfare and spending money are considered legitimate educational expenses, and students are usually able to borrow for them, if necessary.
    • You should contact the Nancy Hanson in the Financial Aid Office to explore your options for financial aid.

    Can EOF Students Study Abroad?

    • EOF scholarship recipients’ financial aid packages will be the same for Study Abroad as if they were living in Monmouth University housing for the academic year.
    • EOF scholars are personally responsible for their $500 deposit
    • There is no EOF funding available for summer Study Abroad programs
    • EOF scholars wishing to study abroad must get permission from the EOF Director

    Why would I want to do this?

    Not only will you be continuing on your way to a Monmouth University degree, but you will greatly enhance you sense of independence and self-confidence.

    • You will probably have one of the most memorable and best experiences of your life!
    • You will gain an international dimension and a global perspective in your personal and professional life.
    • You will have the opportunity to travel extensively and see parts of the world you may have only dreamed about!
    • Your resume will have that extra something that makes you ‘stand out’ from the pack. The courage and decisiveness that propel a student to study abroad are very important components in his or her marketability

    Who helps me plan this and what is my first step?

    The Study Abroad Office is located in the Student Center, First Floor. Here you will find the assistance you need to make a study abroad experience a reality. Be sure to attend a ‘Study Abroad 101’ meeting which are held most Wednesday's during the fall and spring at 2:45 in Edison 118. Check your student e-mail account for country specific meetings dates. These meetings are run by the Assistant Director of Study Abroad, Ms. Robyn Asaro, or Study Abroad Peer Ambassadors and all students are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend .

    Can a student of any major participate in a study abroad semester or summer program?

    Yes, a student of any major can participate in a study abroad experience. For some students, however, it may require more careful planning. For example, if you are an education major, it may be better to go abroad during your sophomore year when you are still taking many of the General Education requirements. Or, you can ‘save’ a few elective credits or General Education requirements, such as the aesthetics or social science requirements. Generally these types of courses are easier to find abroad than your major requirements. Check with the Study Abroad Office for class offerings abroad.

    How far in advance do I apply?

    You should begin the academic planning for study abroad from the time you enter the University as a first-year student. It’s important to work with your advisor regarding available courses well before the departure semester.  You would apply for a spring program at the start of the prior fall semester and for fall and summer programs at the start of the prior spring semester. Check your Monmouth e-mail often for study abroad-related information and due dates. Students are also encouraged to check out the 'Initial Information Packets' under each country tab that take you through the application process.

    How will I be graded?

    All grades earned in study abroad will appear on your Monmouth University transcript but will NOT factor into your Monmouth GPA. Although grades earned abroad will not affect your GPA positively or negatively, it is still very important to manage your time well and work hard while abroad. If you apply to graduate schools, law schools, and medical schools, they will be interested in your grades earned abroad and may decide to factor them into your overall GPA. So doing well academically is always important.

    Does study abroad satisfy my Experiential Education requirement?

    Yes, provided that you enroll in and pass a minimum of 6 credits.

    What types of classes can I take?

    Just about anything you need to fulfill your curriculum requirements for your Monmouth degree. You can take General Education courses, as well as major and minor requirements. However, it may be easier to find general education courses and electives abroad than courses to fulfill your major, depending on what that major is.

    How much additional traveling can I expect to do?

    This depends on your desire, energy, and pocketbook! Most students do a lot of traveling on weekends and breaks.