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Last Updated: 3/23/2023, 1:44 AM

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How To Get Started

  • Attend a ‘Study Abroad 101′ info session held Wednesdays at 2:45 PM during the Fall and Spring semesters (Pozycki Hall Rm. 205 during Fall and Pozycki Hall Rm. 204 during Spring).
  • Apply Now and learn more about each program on the GEO website from the Portal.
  • Set-up an Interest Meeting by emailing the Global Education Office at
  • Read the Student Stories that are categorized by country. Find out what students say about their experience, where they traveled, how much they spent, and how study abroad has impacted their life.
  • Meet with former study abroad students, or GEMS (Global Education Mentors). They are passionate about their experience and will spend time mentoring you through the application process and beyond.
  • Join us at our next Study Abroad Fair happening on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., Student Center Patio.  Learn more about our study abroad programs and opportunities directly from our faculty, international partners, and the Global Education team.
  • Check out our calendar to stay up to date with all of the GEO events!


  • Plan ahead. The sooner you know where and when you want to go, the better.
  • Keep up your grade point average (GPA). You need a minimum GPA of 2.75 to apply and the Italy (LdM) program requires a 2.80.
  • Begin a study abroad savings account for extra money. Most students travel extensively within the host city as well as to many other nearby cities and countries. If you begin saving in advance, you will have less stress finding spending money, and you will be able to see more while abroad.


Contact Us

  1. E-mail us at or call (732) 923-4768
  2. Utilize the GEO Virtual Site
    • By appointment only