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Student Employment

Student Employee Appreciation Week 2020

MU’s Student Employee Appreciation Week 2020:

March 29 – April 4 and National Student Employment Week (April 12 – 19, 2020)

Although Covid-19 has altered our Student Employee Appreciation Week’s Events, Student Employment is celebrating and thanking and honoring our students online with the campus community.  Student Employment thanks Monmouth’s student employees and all on and off campus supervisors.  Please stop and acknowledge your hard work and accept our appreciation.

This 2019 – 2020 school year in Student Employment has been an adventure.  We started a new timekeeping system on August 19th and just for fun, launched our new Job Board that pairs with the timekeeping, JobX, where we are now using Learning Outcomes in our job descriptions to help student employees further reach the prescribed Career Readiness competencies from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).  This is all exceptionally timely, since the National Student Employment Association (NSEA) completely revamped the student employee of the year nomination form this year.

This year, student employee of the year nominees, were critiqued by supervisors on communication, digital technology, problem solving, professionalism and work ethic, career management, leadership and teamwork.  This year’s nominees are making the most of their job experiences and we have learned a lot from them, too!

2020 Student Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Taylor Ramiz, Athletics Marketing and 2020 Student Employee of the Year

Taylor Ramiz jumps away from a Women’s basketball game for a quick picture

Taylor Ramiz jumps away from a Women’s basketball game for a quick picture

Monmouth’s Student Employee of the Year is a team player, team leader, extremely dedicated and never shies away from learning something new.  Through understanding the importance of working with co-workers, this employee was able to swiftly move through the ranks into a leadership role and now assists in managing the department’s student employment team. This student continues to grow workplace relationships into friendships and continually builds the team by recruiting classmates.  Further, this year’s student employee of the year is always the first person to take a new employee “under her wing” and “show them the ropes.”

This junior has accepted a role that is typically a graduate or an “adult professional” level and always demonstrates incredible poise.  The employee is by far the most confident and comfortable student to have worked in this position where she is in charge of the flow of the game for stadium and arena sports and “runs the field / floor.” She communicates with the public address announcer, production room staff, spirit squads, and on and off campus groups. She stewards sponsors, fills timeout promotions and basically runs anything that is going on that isn’t the actual game being played.  This student learned ALL the rules and regulations of the stadium and arena sports, continually needs to manage the script and time everything to exact seconds and often needs to find solutions to problems within minutes.  For example, once an entire birthday party took the wrong seats and needed to be re-seated 8 minutes before the employee needed to walk out the National Anthem singer.  Another example was when one student co-worker selected 2 children contestants from the crowd to participate in a basketball shoot out competition, while another student worker had done the same.  This year’s winner was able to effectively communicate the issue to the production team and the PA announcer, and quickly change the promotion to include 2 kids at each basket!  A lot of small mistakes can happen and it is extremely easy to become overwhelmed.  It’s important to remain cool and calm.

This employee worked for this department as a freshman, took another job in the department as a sophomore to gain experience in sports and then returned to both jobs this year.  This employee is only the second student working for this department’s supervisor to learn the videoboard, sound, in-game replay, wireless camera and switcher and the first student worker to have experience with both in-game and ESPN productions.  Many schools pay professionals to do these jobs. This young woman has a ton of responsibility, is allowed to demonstrate her incredible skill set including time management, work in a high pressure environment, and use teamwork skills. All of these things will certainly benefit her in whatever career path she chooses (after of course, she works at Monmouth for another year!)


Honorable Mention

Congratulations, Erin Conlon, for 2 jobs well-done, Marine Biology Lab Assistant and Senior Lab Assistant for Biology!

Erin, pictured in Edison Hall

Erin, pictured in Edison Hall

Thinking quickly on one’s feet using intellect and common sense to handle interruptions and last minute demands is something this year’s runner-up handles with ease.  This individual is a role model, assumes additional responsibility and coordinates and delegates without being “bossy” and who also offers clear, concise and articulate communication and instruction on sampling during field trips on and in the open ocean.  This resourceful student comes up with solutions to unforeseen problems, one being, getting the beta sampler bottle to close underwater when “it didn’t want to!

Our honorable mention is skilled at “Chl A” analysis by fluorometry and shows leadership by working independently to teach this technique to students.  Additionally, the student employee maintains unwavering professionalism ensuring work gets done and less experienced students feel comfortable – even if it is below deck on the ocean.  This student motivates tired class members to “dig deep” and even supervised the boat sampling team on her own to ensure the work was done correctly and efficiently.

This individual has accomplished a considerable amount of work in her four years as a student employee and has effectively communicated it to citizen groups at local meetings, at MU Scholarship events, at the National Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy conference, and is currently working on two research manuscripts for publication based on her laboratory work.

Known for: 1) an exceptional work ethic, 2) always being respectful to all those who cross her path and for effortlessly creating an inclusive environment for student learning, we congratulate Erin Conlon for 2 jobs well-done, Marine Biology Lab Assistant and Senior Lab Assistant for Biology.  Honorable Mention for Student Employee of the Year.


Honorable Mention #2

Congratulations, Anadi Saini, Supplemental Instruction Leader AND Lab Assistant for Biology!

Anadi with supervisor, Dr. Mack, Biology

Anadi with supervisor, Dr. Mack, Biology

This honorable mention gives Monmouth an excellent reputation, possessing the qualities of honor, integrity and truth.  This 7-time dean’s list employee mentors fellow students regarding science classes and career goals, is organized and helpful and is an excellent communicator with faculty.  Further, her research for more than two years at Monmouth University and Jersey Shore University Medical Center with Dr. Rojtman, Chief of Clinical Microbiology and Molecular Diagnostics, has made her an excellent problem solver.  Additionally, everyone comments on how good she is in explaining her research on Inhibiting Multidrug Resistant Bacterial Infections, which is a globally impactful topic.

This student employee is a great help to faculty in utilizing digital technology and is the best builder of relationships with fellow students, faculty and MU staff that her supervisor has observed in his 47 years at Monmouth.


Other awards:

Student Employment Program Award -For a lasting contribution to Monmouth University – presented by Aimee Parks

Congratulations to Alex Rodriguez, MU Story Time!

Alexander Rodriguez stands in the back (right) with his co-workers Samantha Hanley, Jordan Cinelli and Alyssa Mata along with the January 2020 MU Story Time attendees.

Alexander Rodriguez stands in the back (right) with his co-workers Samantha Hanley, Jordan Cinelli and Alyssa Mata along with the January 2020 MU Story Time attendees.

This student helped me start a Story Time program at the Guggenheim Library with the support of Mr. Kurt Wagner, Head Librarian.  This student heads up our email communication efforts, has read to the children in English and Spanish, is wonderful with our parents and amazing patient and good at redirecting children, (including my own).  He is a team leader at our weekly meetings.  Alex Rodriguez is constantly trying to improve the program and keep things current, and his coworkers would agree that he is incredibly organized, funny and easy to work with.   He is the staple of MU Story Time, where together and with his colleagues over the past 4 years, we have held approximately 20 story times and hosted many children and their families and caregivers.

Alex also works through FWS in the Long Branch Free Public Library, which is helpful in his position with us. He has certainly incorporated both positions into his career goals in his Social Work major.  He even expanded his resume further last month by making his first craft with the children this year!  Alex, for your reliability and commitment, please accept this award on behalf of all student employees who have made long-lasting contributions to MU, including this year’s student employee of the year nominees – the 2020 Student Employment Program Award.


2020 Student Employment Supervisor of the Year

Congratulations, Colleen Finnigan, Curriculum  & Instruction, School of Education!

Colleen Finnigan with her Student Employees, Curriculum & Instruction

Colleen Finnigan with her Student Employees, Curriculum & Instruction

There are not many people who can completely fill a room with warmth and joy as they walk through the doorway, but Mrs. Colleen Finnigan is one of them.  Mrs. Finnigan is one to put others before herself, even if that means missing out on certain aspects of her life outside of work. Although she does not need to be, Colleen is at work by 6:30 am every morning, leaving at the same time as everyone else at 3:15 pm. Her dedication and hard work allow people surrounding her to admire who she is as a whole.

Student workers of the School of Education C&I office have all spoken to Colleen and other professionals at Monmouth about how they strive to have Mrs. Finnigan’s drive and kindness once they enter the workforce themselves. Working with Colleen is such a privilege due to her heartfelt smile and passion for creativity. Even the difficult tasks seem to become a piece of cake when Mrs. Finnigan is your supervisor. Working under someone with such positive energy allows the work day to fly by, and making one miss the environments when arriving at home.   Professors and other School of Education employees also express, on a daily basis, the warm-heartedness that Colleen brings to the office. When Colleen is out sick or on vacation, there are always sad faces among employees – as well as students – because of the realization that Mrs. Finnigan is not there to enliven a bad day.

Monmouth University is home to so many faculty members who inspire and lighten students and faculty. Colleen Finnigan, however, is a special employee who deserves to be appreciated and thanked for her outstanding performance at Monmouth University. Putting the spotlight on Colleen is well deserved for her 12 years of working at the university. -(by Emily Condron)


Monmouth University’s Nominees for Student Employee of the Year 2020

Photo image of Monmouth University's nominees for Student Employee of the Year 2020. Click for larger image to view.

Please click image to enlarge the view.


Introduction of Nominees, summarized and usually read at the Student Employee of the Year Ceremony by Aimee M. Parks, Assistant Director of Human Resources for Student Employment 

Santino Timpani, Digital Print Center – 4 for 4 with either a team or individual nomination for student employee of the year.  The first MU student to achieve this milestone.  If here for grad school this year – maybe 5?  You excel in customer service along with your skill-set in Digital Print Center.  When you become a manager, possibly even at NJ American Water, you will lead your employees in an environment that will be productive and friendly. David says you truly make a difference on and off the job and have grown from a “baby Hawk” to a Monmouth Hawk.  Congrats.

Danielle Steff and Chibuzo Amonu, “Team Student Activities” – Teammates at work and on the Track & Field Team. It’s neat – when one is leaving work, the other is arriving, many times.  Responsible, professional, leaders who are good at problem solving (for example, when a set up may not have been correctly completed).   Their supervisor has received compliments about each of them from people who have had their events in the Student Center.  Keep it up ladies!

Jessica Auriemma, Art & Design – Jessica excels in communication with patience and understanding whether she is leading through studio set up and clean up, leading students through the difficult process of rubber mold making or training new studio assistants.  She is the “lead experimenter” and a self-starter – using various patinas and materials, figuring out exciting ways to create new looks, she documents them and then shares them with students.

Eric Clark, Men’s Basketball – Eric is totally into the program.  He is the first to enter the gym and the last to leave the gym, (which I have witnessed!)  He will do what needs to get done.  Always.  He also does a great job of helping the younger managers figure things out.

Erin Conlon, Biology – always dressed appropriately – closed toed-shoes, lab coat, long pants – (I’m guessing a different dress code while on board the sampling boat!)  Erin promotes a supportive group environment, and can be found making molar solutions, operating the autoclave, calibrating pH meters, and so much more to make student labs run smoothly!

Brandon Davis, Athletics Fitness Center – Demonstrates a seasoned level of professionalism. Brandon is also highly diligent, dependable and reliable and takes pride in performing his duties.  He also frequently had the early shift – 5:16 AM – that is early!  Thank you, Brandon!

Patrick Foley, Men’s Basketball – Patrick helps with game film and if he’s not traveling, he texts his supervisor while the team is on the road.  He generates ideas to make things better, he leads by example with his actions and he always puts the team first.

Megan Fryc, Human Resources – enthusiastically and eagerly accepts challenge to train new student employees, and has impressed every member of HR with her excellent attitude, hard work ethic, desire to succeed and visitors leave the office with a great impression of not only HR but MU students as well.

Jared Garcia, Production Services – Digital technology – understands daylight and tungsten lighting, advance editing computers and software and explores new trends in design and technology to make informed suggestions to the Director on what is hip in the field.  Problem solving – used a clothes pin on the video slider that was not cooperating.  Intercultural fluency – recently filmed in Spain, providing a comfortable work environment to local Spaniards, immigrants from Africa and University professors.  Patience and grace and I can tell from the rolling videos in Plangere, a little bit of humor in Jared!

Alexis Garry, Art & Design – is knowledgeable when answering questions about exhibiting artists and the University’s campus and programming.  She is very professional with and helpful to fellow students, parents, prospective students and the general public.

Alexis Gerbasio, University Store – Alexis greets every customer with a warm smile.  She is strong and mistake free when the store is busy, even during super sale days!  She finds customer-appealing outcomes, works well under pressure and is inquisitive.

Cyrah Kidd, Art & Design – Cyrah is extremely reliable, has excellent public speaking skills and is positive and enthusiastic when answering questions and discussing the gallery.  Cyrah often takes on extra hours at both the Ice House and DiMattio Galleries.  Thank you, Cyrah!

Tiffany Longo, Biology – Tiffany never cuts corners, even with the daily mundane tasks involved in laboratory animal care.  She is present during regulatory inspections, she is involved with large classes in the lab, she is driven, is willing to both self-reflect and to teach others her entire process.  She is the most essential team member.

Rachel Mills, Supplemental Instruction – Definitely a team player.  Rachel is extremely brilliant in problem solving and highly dedicated in getting results.  She is willing to help others, she has strong organizational skills and creates a comfortable environment for all who are around her.

Jenna Platto, Undergraduate Admissions – fantastic work ethic, juggles schedules and develops PowerPoints.   As a Lead Ambassador, she shadows tours to make sure they meet expectations and even had time to help her new supervisor manage the ambassador program and become comfortable in her role.

Taylor Ramiz, Athletics Marketing – Interestingly, Monmouth U. has 23 division one sports teams and Athletics Marketing considers themselves the “24th Division I team.”  And no one is a bigger advocate of this than Taylor.  Taylor works in an extremely high-pressure game-day environment with a lot of moving pieces and absolutely flourishes!

Anadi Saini – Biology – I had the most fun when going to visit the lab class she was assisting. The students were so excited for Anadi.  Anadi is one of the best and most helpful Anatomy and Physiology lab assistants Dr. Mack has had in 30 years.

Karlee Sell – Athletics Communications – Karlee is the primary photographer for the Athletics Department (football, soccer, field hockey, track & field, baseball, softball, lacrosse, golf, tennis, basketball, swimming and bowling).  She’s efficient, has a positive attitude and is consistently looking for ways to improve the post-game process too. (& before I knew she was nominated, I had already reached out to her to photograph our reception!)

Joey Signorile – Undergraduate Admissions – Joey takes charge.  She is the energizer bunny and is constantly pumping up the ambassadors.  She is a positive leader on the “Group ME” posts and signed up for all TEN, 8:15 AM Friday morning EOF tours! President Leahy may even recognize her as an ambassador who gave him a tour during his first weeks of school!

Justin Szuba, Athletics Fitness Center – Communicates well with all different levels of personnel – coaches, staff, administrators and students.  Justin is helpful, diligent, dependable, professional, and reliable and takes pride in the work place.  Thank you, Justin

2020 Supervisor of the Year Nominees:

  • Kelly Barratt, Center for the Arts
  • Dorothy Cleary, Tutoring Services
  • Colleen Finnigan, School of  Education, Curriculum & Instruction
  • Beth Gough, School of Nursing & Health Studies
  • David Tsang, Digital Print Center


After Sandy Brown or I visit the nominees at work and notify them that they have been nominated for Student Employee of the Year, some nominees ask (and even a supervisor asked), “do I have to do anything?”    Answer:  YES, keep setting a good example and keep setting goals.  Keep working hard at work and working hard at “job # 1,” which is being the best possible student.  And long-term, come back to MU and let us know how you are making a difference the world.

Happy Student Employee Appreciation Week to you, your co-workers, your supervisors and Monmouth U.,

  • Sincerely,

Aimee, Sandy, Rose and Steph, 

Check out the 2020 SEAW Newsletter

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National Student Employment Appreciation Week 2020!

  Monmouth pays tribute to our student employees for all of your hard work, dedication, contributions, leadership, attitude, and work ethic!

Biology Department would like to thank, “Katie, Tiffany, Jesse, and Erin, thanks for all that you do to help our facility thrive.”


Career Services would like to thank Max Sobrano and Jackie Barton for all their hard work and enthusiasm this year. You make our team special and we appreciate all that you do! Congratulations Max, on receiving your MBA.  We will miss you and are excited to see what the future holds for you! Jackie, we are so happy you will be continuing to work with us through the summer and next year!


To our all of our ROCK STAR students, we adore you and value your time here with us at the Center for the Arts! You know who you are – Syed, Heather, Erica, Nizhe, Shadiyah, Josh, Kimberly, Natali, Fradely, Rachel, Miriam, Kel, Matthew, Rita, Ghada, Kayla, Dally, Nick, Victoria, Amanda, Gabriela, Ray, Dominique, Zykeem, John and Azalia!!!! We are lucky to have you on our team, THANK YOU!


The Department of Chemistry & Physics THANKS YOU for your dedication and hard work!

  • Chemistry Lab Assistants: Brittney Bobowski, Cassandra Fauber, Amalia Giraldo Llano, Danielle Guillen, Grace Haemmerle, Adam Hansen, Antonella Henson-Vendrell, Brianna Hough, Angelique Ithier, Roxy Nicoletti, Alyssa Piesco, Amanda Prascsak, Sarina Mack, Zaynah Muhammad, Kaitlyn Murtha,     Nimra Nadeem, Taylor Nason, Emma Prusak, Julian Rebelo, Isaac Seruya, Laura Sine, Victoria Soltys, James Tomasello, Danielle Wuss
  • Laboratory Stockroom Assistants: Ivy Chance, Olivia Enny, Olenka Mallqui, Angelina Sawicki, Linda Schneider
  • NMR Assistants:  Jessica Baals, Nicole Martir
  • Physics Lab Assistant:  Thomas Melfi
  • Science of Food & Cooking Assistants:  Mercedes Concepcion Moronta, Lauren Fairchild


The Department of Disability Services would like to thank Alyssa, Courtney, Evan, Jenna, Kristen and Santiago.  We sincerely appreciate all your hard work and dedication.


 School of Education- We appreciate all you do for us! Shannon O., Alyssa M., Amanda B., Grace B. A


“The EOF Staff would like to thank our student Office Assistants – Yani, Stephanie, Ysabel, Scharina and Brayan for all their efforts and support.  You bring fresh ideas and diverse talents to our department! Yani, as you graduate, we will miss you but we certainly wish you all the successes you dream of!”


Office of the General Counsel, the Office of Equity and Diversity and the Office of Internal Audit.

A smile and a warm hello

A work ethic that makes things flow

Scanning and shredding and answering phones too,

It all helps us by making our jobs easier to do.

You bring your positive attitude to work each day

And so with that we’d like to say,

“THANK YOU” Morgan Thompson and Angelica Bialy

For all your hard work and professionalism!


 The History & Anthropology Department- Thomas & Graciela, Thank you for “holding the fort” this year!


To Nadine and Jayleen,

You’ve both worked hard

and deserve our praise.

We only wish we could

give you a raise!

How you do it

is not a guess.

You’re both simply,


from, the Health Services staff


The Outlook would like to thank Katie, Angela, Davina, Alex, Yosef, Joseph and Caroline for their hard work every week!  You guys are the best!!!”


Office of the Dean, School of Science: Bradie and Jesse,

Thank you so very much for being a part of the dean’s office and for everything you do for us.  We miss you and hope to see you soon!  Be well and take care.


The Speech-Language Pathology Department– Kaitlyn Dunn, Kaitlyn Hogan, Gina Raccuglia, and Elaine Nunez: Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Speech-Language Pathology Department.  We truly appreciate everything you have done for us this 2019-2020 school year!! Yours Truly, Trish Bartlett, Dr. Remshifski, Dr. Raj, Professor Bonner, Professor Givney, and Professor Farr


MU Story Time!

Read. Craft. Snack. Repeat.

Alexander Rodriguez, Samantha Hanley, Alyssa Mata, Jordin Cinelli, Marisa Cueto – you are all so dynamic.  Story Time has such a committed team.

Alex AKA –“Founding Father”

Sam AKA President

Marisa AKA Fundraising Director

Jordan AKA Arts/Crafts Expert

Alyssa AKA Flyer Creator and Head Reader

Thank you to special guests Rowan and Kelly & alum, Kayla!

Thank you for Mr. Kurt Wagner for the social media blasts and yummy snacks!!  The Library staff are all so supportive too!  Thank you!

Thank you to all of our student workers in the Student Activities Department.


Abdoul-Halim M. HisseineAmber GalatiAnnabella B. Marte

Bianca Zazzarini-Leon

Chelsey Peniston

Chibuzo Amonu

Chinonye Gabriel

Daniel Schwartz

Danielle R. Seaman

Danielle Steff

Edward Atkinson

Hafsa Ijaz

Hannah Padron


Hunter M. BeidesJames M. DaleyJoseph Falzini

Juan Bazante

Kayla R. Style

Lauren Kelly

Montel Johnson

Muge U. Gore

Nathaly Horvaht

Nicholas S. Salcedo

Rebecca J. Berzins

William J. Dailey

Yoshua Morales


Student Employment – Our workers help us and the program constantly.  Thank you for your great ideas and your positive attitudes and helpful publicity.  Thank you to Daniella, Madison N., Alex, Madison H. and we are glad to have Sam back from Study Abroad!  Thank you to special guests, Fradely, Marissa and Mia.  We cannot thank you all enough.  You make our office shine!


Office of Transfer & Undeclared Services- “Kristen – thank you for all that you do! You have been a huge asset to our team and we are really going to miss you!” “Natalia – thanks for being awesome from day one! We are so grateful to have you in our office!”


To all of the my Tutoring Services student employees- Thank you for all that you do to serve and support other students at Monmouth University. You’re the best! Sincerely, Dorothy M. Cleary, Director


Thank you to our amazing student employees- Kyle, Destini, Natasha, Alex, Abbe, Brittany, Abigale, Alexis, Gabriella, Jessica, Angela, Arlene, Brianna, Will, Julia, Lily, Fabi, Regina, Tara, and Chyna. We are so grateful for your customer-oriented professionalism, positive attitudes, attention to detail, creativity, and willingness to take on whatever project we throw at you that day. You are the backbone of our Store and truly the hardest working Students on campus! Love, The University Store


Victoria DeMarco, THANK YOU!   You are one in a million and WMCX is so grateful you are part of our team.


On behalf of all of us in the World Languages Department, we wish to thank you, Nicole for your dedication, and professionalism as you stepped into the role of Receptionist several days a week during the academic year. You have assisted in the most mundane jobs and did it with a smile on your face! We can’t express how much this means to us and you should be recognized for it! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for each and every year that you have continued to be an asset to our workload. To Rachel, our new member of our department, we thank you for joining us and appreciate your assistance in the few times that you were scheduled to step into this vital role, as well. We look forward to working with you in your future semesters at Monmouth!