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Mission Statement + Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The School of Science is a community of learners and teacher-scholars that fosters active learning, quantitative reasoning, and scientific inquiry. Through integration of classroom, laboratory, research, and practical experiences, students acquire skills necessary for lifelong learning, critical thinking, and collaborative problem-solving as foundations for successful careers and informed, responsible citizenship in a world that is increasingly dependent on science, technology, and engineering.

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan is designed to provide a dynamic five-year working document for prioritizing initiatives to advance the future of the school. The following interrelated priority areas of the strategic plan include enhancing academic programs and curricula, including the teacher-scholar environment and student success, improving student recruitment and enrollment management, marketing and communications, and facilities, as well as alumni relations and the centers of distinction (Rapid Response Institute and the Urban Coast Institute). Finally, we would like to serve as a resource for promoting STEM education in our community.

Vision for the School of Science

  • Provide competitive and distinguished academic programs, research opportunities, and facilities that attract high achieving, highly motivated students.
  • Produce high quality graduates successfully employed in STEM careers serving global workforce needs and create an alumni base to advance the reputation of the School and University and support key initiatives for the School.
  • Attract, retain and support faculty committed to a teacher-scholar intellectual environment.
  • Promote the integration of students in faculty-directed scholarship.
  • Serve as a community resource for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education.

Dean: Joseph F. Coyle,

Associate Dean: Catherine N. Duckett,

Assistant Dean: John A. Tiedemann,