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    Student Gallery: Studio Art

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  • Student: Mackenzie Savage - Course: PaintingCourse: CeramicsCourse: CeramicsCourse: CeramicsCeramic_04Course: CeramicsCourse: CeramicsCourse: CeramicsStudent: Miranda Matt - Course: CeramicsStudent: Deanna Foley - Course: PaintingStudent: Deanna Foley - Course: PaintingStudent: Brittany Mackeson - Course: PaintingStudent: Genevieve Outwater - Course: PaintingStudent: Jessica Pringle - Course: PaintingStudent: Megan Mahon Intaglio - PrintStudent: Megan Mahon Intaglio - PrintStudent: Chris Raitano - Print Relief Student: Marissa Sacca - Print ReliefStudent: Leena Soden - Print ReliefStudent: Kaitlin Grotto - Print SilkscreenStudent: Olivia Mazanec - Print SilkscreenCourse: SculptureCourse: SculptureStudent: Stephanie Hesslen - Course: SculptureStudent: Nancy Kusch - Course: SculptureStudent: Liz Stankiewicz - Course: Sculpture