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New Jersey Teaching Certification

Monmouth University recommends certification to the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) Office of Licensing and Credentials on behalf of students who:

Instructional Endorsements:

  1. Complete all required coursework for their area of certification. You must possess a major, or its equivalent, in a specialty area in order to qualify for certification in that area. Simply attaining a passing score on a Praxis Series II test does not make you eligible for certification in that area.
  2. Apply for graduation through the Office of Registration and Records.
  3. Pass all required Praxis II test(s) for their area(s) of certification. Documented proof of a passing score must be submitted to the Certification, Field Placements and School Partnerships Office prior to student teaching. Spanish, Chinese and ESL students must also provide documented proof of a passing score on the ACTFL – OPI and WPT (as applicable) prior to student teaching.
  4. Meet the NJ Physiology and Hygiene requirement.
  5. Meet the GPA requirements: Undergraduate 2.75; Graduate 3.0  Note: Candidates graduating after September 1, 2016 will need to achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00 to be recommended for licensing.
  6. Attend the Certification Meeting to complete an Application for Certification. The application will be notarized and you will be required to provide payment of the state certification fee to Monmouth University (there is no University fee for this service). See the New Jersey State Department Office of Licensure and Credentials Fee Schedule: N.J.A.C. 6A:9-5.4 for an updated listing of licensing fees.
  7. Expediting the certification process is possible if you have a definite offer of employment. A copy of a letter of intent to hire or a copy of your contract must be submitted prior to certification.


  1. The Credential Officer will request official transcripts for evaluation. Applicants who successfully meet all requirements will be recommended to the NJDOE for licensing.
  2. The NJDOE matches the social security number on your certification application with the social security number you provided to ETS when you took and passed the Praxis II. The state sends certificates directly to applicants. This process takes approximately six weeks.
  3. You will receive a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS) in your designated area of teacher preparation. A CEAS is the initial New Jersey teaching certificate which provides an applicant with the opportunity to seek employment.

If you plan to teach in New Jersey:

  1. You will be eligible to officially accept a teaching position in a NJ public school or an approved private school.
  2. The employing school/district notifies the state and agrees to provide support to the beginning teacher and a Provisional Certificate is issued. The beginning teacher is mentored and supervised according to state and district policies. At the end of the provisional year, an evaluation report includes one of three recommendations:
    1. Approved: NJDOE issues a Standard Certificate (valid for life)
    2. Insufficient: The CEAS remains in effect for a maximum of one more year
    3. Disapproved: The CEAS is invalidated. The beginning teacher may appeal this decision to the State Board of Examiners
  3. The beginning teacher who has successfully completed the provisional period during the first year of employment will be issued a Standard Certificate which is valid for life.

If you plan to teach in another state:

  1. Determine what reciprocity agreement exists between that state and New Jersey.
  2. Contact the department of education in the new state for information regarding requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Teacher Certification

How and when will I receive my NJ certificate?

How: Attend the end-of-semester Certification Meeting to complete the required paperwork.

When: Your certification application will be processed after the degree is conferred (January, May, July and August) and your official transcript is released by the Office of Registration and Records. Monmouth University submits documents to the NJDOE Office of Licensing and Credentials, where they are linked by the social security number to your passing Praxis II test scores. The certificates are issued, printed and mailed to the candidates to the address entered on the (pink) Certification Application form. It can take the NJDOE up to two months to process your certification application.

What should I tell interviewers regarding my certificate?

School district personnel usually know that certificates cannot be issued before program completion: final grades and degrees appear on the transcript and certification fees must be processed. You can provide interviewers with a copy of your Praxis II test score(s). A copy of your most recent academic audit may help even if it does not show final grades or degree issued.

Will Monmouth University expedite my certification with the state?

Expediting the certification process is possible if you have a definite offer of employment. A copy of a letter of intent to hire or a copy of your contract from the employing school district must be submitted to the Certification, Field Placements and School Partnerships office. Upon receipt of this letter or contract we will provide you with a letter indicating that you are expected to complete a state-approved program at the end of the current semester and that the certificate will be processed soon afterwards.

What is the NJ Physiology and Hygiene requirement?

New Jersey requires new teachers to have a general knowledge of physiology and hygiene for certification. Currently, the requirement can be met by completion of a course. Transcripts will be reviewed for a course in biology, human ecology, nutrition, nursing, sexuality, zoology, drugs and alcohol, anatomy or health and physiology. At the beginning of the student teaching semester, you will receive notification through your Monmouth University e-mail to schedule an appointment to take the P&H test if your DO NOT have a course that meets the requirement. You cannot be licensed without completing this requirement.

How can I obtain an additional NJ certificate based upon college credits and additional Praxis II test(s)?

Candidates who hold initial certificates through a MU teacher education program can apply directly to the state for additional endorsements in other teaching areas. Applications can be submitted online at or by contacting the County Office of Education in the county where you live or teach.

How can I check on the status of my license?

The New Jersey State Department of Education has a service applicants can use to check the status of their license.

Can I apply for a NJ license if I am not a US citizen?

You must complete a Non-Citizen Oath of Allegiance form and a Non-Citizen Affidavit of Intent to Become a Citizen form indicating your intention to become a naturalized citizen of the United States (forms are available in the Certification, Field Placements and School Partnerships Office). Students who are in the US on a student visa are not eligible.

For more information please refer to the NJDOE Licensure & Credentials site at