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Off-Campus and Commuter Services

The Monmouth Community



The majority of Monmouth University students who live off campus tend to be good tenants, good citizens, and good neighbors. Semesters will come and go without an incident or complaint from their neighbors or the local community for this group of students who live off-campus. At the same time, there is always a small group of student rentals that stand out because they may be negatively effecting the quality of life of their neighbors.

Now that you are living off campus, we ask that you consider how your lifestyle may be having a positive or negative effect on your new community. Are you taking steps that will help you fit into your neighborhood and establish a positive relationship with your neighbors? Or are you creating an environment which is putting you at odds with your neighbors? It is the University’s hope and expectation that you are making a concerted effort to seamlessly and quietly fit into the neighborhood where your rental is located.


It’s safe to say that whenever a student rental negatively effects the quality of life within a community, it makes it increasingly difficult for Monmouth to enhance the relationship it has with our neighbors and to advance the mission of the University.

Have you ever heard the adage “bad news sells newspapers?” If so, then you’ll understand how negative articles about student rentals can make it increasingly difficult for Monmouth to change the perception people have about our students. With all of the good things that come from Monmouth students every year, it only takes one incident or negative article to perpetuate the belief that our students don’t care about the local communities. While we know that’s not true, we hope you will take the time to establish a good relationship with your neighbors and the local community while you are living off campus this year. It will be nice if your neighbors can look back on the school year and remember all of the positive things that Monmouth students accomplished, instead of feeling frustrated because of the quality of life issues that were created by their Monmouth student neighbors.