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Police Department

Crime Prevention Programs


The Monmouth University Police Department conducts crime prevention presentations for all students living in the residence halls. Crime prevention literature is distributed at Orientation and throughout the year at various seminars and events. Most programs are conducted in the residence halls, dining hall or the Rebecca Stafford Student Center. Professional associations often are invited to present crime prevention programs on campus.

Operation ID – During the course of the year, the Police Department will register and engrave a student’s personal property.

Alcohol Awareness – The University has established a variety of programs and mechanisms to promote responsible consumption of alcohol and provide for adequate education regarding the effects of alcoholic beverages.

Educational Information – The Police Department offers educational programs and literature to educate students on the dangers of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, date rape, and other campus safety issues.

Fire Prevention and Escape Seminar – This program emphasizes fire safety techniques and also allows students to participate in a “Smoke Trailer,” where students will actually experience the blinding and disorienting effects of a fire as they attempt to evacuate.

Things You Can Do/General Safety Tips – Read our checklist of recommendations to ensure your continued personal safety protect yourself and your personal belongings.


Monmouth University Police Department

732-571-4444 (on-campus: x4444)