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Hawk Safety Alert 2012-01


Hawk Safety Alert 2012-01/Informational Alert

On 3/19/12, at approximately 10 p.m., a student reported to the police that earlier in the evening an unknown male was sitting next to him in a class being held in Howard Hall. This individual was not a regular student in the class. He described the man as a white male 5-9 to 5-10, black curly hair, wearing green khaki shorts and a black t-shirt. At one point during the class this unknown male pulled his chair closer to the student to show him a message on his cell phone. The message was a reference to a sexual act. The man left the class during a break and did not return to the class. His identify is not known at this time.

The Monmouth University Police Department is conducting an investigation into this incident and requests anyone with information to contact the Police Department at 732-571-4444 or

Although no crime has been committed, nor threats made, members of the campus community are reminded to use caution during their travels and to immediately report any suspicious activity or individuals. Additionally, members of the campus community are requested to question (or report to the police if necessary) any unknown individuals in classrooms, Residential Life facilities or other University areas not open to the public.

Chief William P. McElrath
Monmouth University Police Department
400 Cedar Ave.
West Long Branch, New Jersey 07764