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Police Department

MUPD FAQs: Parking Registration

If you have any questions regarding parking rules and regulations, please contact the University Police Department at 732-571-4444.

How many vehicles may I register?

Resident students are permitted to register only one (1) vehicle. Non-resident students are permitted to register up to two (2) vehicles. Vehicles that are not registered will be subject to ticketing and/or towing if found on campus.

How do I attach the decal to my vehicle?

Resident students must properly affix a decal on the inside driver’s side rear window of their vehicle. Non-resident students will receive two decals and must properly affix one decal on the inside driver’s side rear window and one on the back of the rearview mirror. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. This decal is the only form of permit that allows you to park your vehicle on campus. On motorbikes and motorcycles, the decal must be mounted on the left-side fork. If your decal is not properly affixed in the correct place on your vehicle, you will be issued a citation, and your vehicle may be towed.

What happens if I get a new car?

As per MUPD policy and as documented in the MUPD “Parking and Driving Regulations” brochure, which will be sent to you online, you may exchange your old decal for a new decal for your new car. It will be replaced free of charge only if the old decal is removed and returned to Police Headquarters. If the old decal is not returned, a new decal must be purchased at replacement cost. You may either remove the old decal and bring it to Police Headquarters, or drive your vehicle to Police Headquarters to have it removed for you. Please be sure to notify us of any change in your registration information so that we may update your file even if you aren’t replacing the decal. You may stop by, e-mail, or call with the information. Please note: THE DECAL WILL DESTRUCT (TEAR) WHEN YOU REMOVE IT FROM YOUR WINDOW.

What if my decal starts to fall off my vehicle?

The decals are made to strongly adhere to the surface of your vehicle and should not detach. However, if your decal does begin to detach from your window, immediately remove it or bring your car to Police Headquarters to have it removed. We will then exchange it for a new one. Again, it will be replaced free of charge only if the old decal is returned. (If you make sure that the surface of your car is clean and dry before attaching the decal, it is unlikely it will fall off). Do not remove the decal from your car and transfer it to any other vehicle at any time.

What should I do if I have to bring a car to campus that does not have a decal?

If you are using a car other than the one registered, you must stop at the traffic office in police headquarters to obtain a temporary parking pass. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. After 5 p.m., you should go to the front of the building. Someone is there to assist you 24/7.

If I change my campus residence (i.e., North Campus to Garden or Great Lawn apartments) in the middle of the school year, can I change my decal/lot assignment also?

It is possible but not likely that a parking space will be available to allow a lot assignment change in the middle of the school year. You must request the change through the Traffic Office. Any “trading” of decals between students is strictly prohibited. A fine will be assessed to those students illegally switching decals, and disciplinary action will be taken. If you are a non-resident student living off campus and move on campus during the year, the same applies.

What if I switch from a Resident to Non-resident student during the school year?

You must immediately report to Police Headquarters with your decal to exchange your Resident parking decal for a Non-resident decal, or you may be ticketed and/or towed. There is no charge for switching from a Resident to Commuter decal.  If applicable, you will be refunded for a portion of the cost of the decal as long as it is returned.

Where can I park if I want to use the Fitness Center?

Only the non-University community may obtain a “Fitness Center” decal that enables them to park in the main lot off of Larchwood Avenue. Students and employees are not eligible to receive this decal and must park in their regularly assigned lots.

Am I allowed to drive to the Dining Hall?

There are several 30 minute spaces in Lot 11 if you need to go to Wilson Hall or the dining hall. If the 30 minute spaces are full, you need to return to your assigned lot. Parking in a restricted lot is a violation and will result in a citation being issued.

Can I park in a handicapped spot if I am just parking for a few minutes?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Handicapped spaces are reserved for those with a handicapped license plate or a temporary handicapped placard. You are permitted to use the 30-minute loading/unloading spot. If this is full, you must park in your assigned area. Leaving your hazard lights flashing does not constitute parking legally. The fine for this infraction is severe, and illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed/towed.

How can I load or unload my car if my assigned lot is not near my residence hall?

If you have a large number of items to move, you may park in one of the 15 or 30 minute spaces located in various lots around campus to load or pick up a temporary parking pass to unload your car closer to your residence hall.  If you park in a handicapped space, double park, or stay longer than your temporary pass states, you will be issued a citation, and your vehicle may be towed.

If I get a ticket, where do I pay?

Tickets can be paid online through your WebAdvisor account, by mail, telephone, or at the Cashier’s Office in Wilson Hall during regular business hours. Payment must be received within 14 days including the date of the citation, or a late fee will be assessed. The day the citation is written counts as day 1.

Can I appeal a ticket?

Yes, if you believe that you were erroneously ticketed, you may appeal a ticket. You must follow the online appeal process on the reverse side of the summons. The appeal must be made within five days of the date the ticket was issued, or you forfeit your right to appeal. Forgetfulness, parking for only a short period, not seeing the signs, not knowing the rules and regulations, and parking in a handicapped parking space without the proper authorization are unacceptable grounds for an appeal. Any appeal submitted on these grounds will automatically be denied.

Where should my friends or family park if they come to visit me?

Any visitor who wishes to park on campus must stop at Police Headquarters to pick up a visitor’s pass, and they will be directed to one of the visitor parking areas. Visitor passes are available 24/7. The exception is from 4pm Friday until 4pm Sunday when parking restrictions are lifted.

I don’t live on campus but would like to stay overnight with my friends. Do I need a special pass?

If you have a non-resident decal and want to stay overnight on campus, you must obtain an overnight pass from MUPD. Currently, overnight non-resident students are assigned to Lot 23 near Woods Theatre; however, the person assigning the decal may put you in a different area if need be. Please be sure you park where your hang tag assigns you.

What happens if I don’t pay my parking tickets?

After four unpaid parking tickets, you will be placed on the MUPD Revoked List. This means that your vehicle or any vehicle registered to you, regardless of who operates the vehicle, is prohibited from parking and/or driving anywhere on campus. It will be towed at your expense. You will also be blocked from registering for classes, and your transcripts will be held until full payment of all citations is made. All outstanding tickets must be paid before you graduate, or your transcripts and diploma will be held until payment is received.

Where should I park if I want to use the library?

Non-resident students WITH A VALID NON-RESIDENT DECAL, may park in Lot 20, on University Road (the roadway by the Health Center), as well as Lot 2 in the signed spaces for “Library Patrons/Non-Resident Students Only.” If no spaces are available, you may park in Lot 23 across the street or in one of the other non-resident lots. Resident students must park in their assigned lots. The Lot 4 gate arm is lifted at 5 p.m. for students and library patrons as well. Lot 9, next to Wilson Hall is available from 7:30 p.m. until 6 a.m. for library parking also. PLEASE NOTE: ALL LIBRARY PARKING LOTS/SPACES NOTED ABOVE CLOSE AT 6 A.M. – 8 A.M. CITATIONS WILL BE ISSUED TO VEHICLES PARKED IN THESE AREAS.