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About the Institute

The Kislak Real Estate Institute at Monmouth University was established so that the University could play a more active role in the economic and educational development of the State of New Jersey. To this end, a series of initiatives have begun, including the creation of an Advisory Council comprised of leading experts in real estate and regional development. The Advisory Council has provided guidance and assistance in broadening the network of individuals and organizations that will be connected to Monmouth University.

The intermediate and long-term objectives of the Kislak Real Estate Institute will be to:

  1. become a research center and data base on real estate and economic development for the region
  2. become a focus for meetings and an information clearinghouse
  3. furnish employee training and executive development in real estate and related fields, in conjunction with Monmouth University
  4. provide consulting services

Another key objective of the Institute is to bring real estate together with its allied industries and professions. We believe that there is a great potential for an organization that convenes a wide range of organizations with common interests including: commercial and residential real estate firms; construction firms; architectural services; banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions; firms that manage shopping centers and industrial parks; law firms; and various governmental and regulatory agencies. Thus, the Institute’s services in the long run would be geared to meet the needs of numerous organizations in a wide realm of regional economic development.

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