All Clear, Delayed Opening – July 23, 2024

All clear. Our investigation has been concluded and there is no threat to campus. The shelter-in-place has been lifted.

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Last Updated: 7/23/2024, 9:11 AM

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Control Activities

Control activities provide reasonable assurances to management that processes and procedures are adequate to achieve the area’s goals and ultimately the goals of the University. Here are just a few examples of control activities:

  • Adequately documented transactions (both paper and electronic) and a periodic review process in place to sample transactions for accuracy
  • Reliable management reports providing accurate financial and operational data
  • Physical assets secured and periodically inventoried
  • Segregation of duties: ensure one person does not have the responsibility for all aspects of financial or sensitive transactions (e.g., ability to authorize, ownership of data, or documentation responsibilities)
  • Well-documented and published disaster recovery and business continuation plans in place for all areas
  • A completed risk assessment and control analysis
  • Proper separation of duties regarding the preparation, approval, and recording of disbursements
  • Positive tone at the top: management sets a good example for the area regarding the control environment and adherence to policies