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School Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing: School Nursing

If you want to promote the well-being and health of students, Monmouth University’s MSN offers a school nursing track.

School nursing practice is constantly changing to meet the needs of school-age children. Legislative changes, school board policy changes, and increasing enrollment of medically and emotionally vulnerable children have made the school nurse’s role more complex than ever.

Our school nurse programs allow you to keep abreast of these changes so you may be a health advocate for school-age children. There are tracks for both certified school nurses as well as nurses seeking initial certification.

School Nursing Endorsements

In response to new requirements for certified school nurses to act as health advocates for school-age children, Monmouth University is proud to offer the 22-credit School Nursing and 15-credit School Nursing Non-Instructional endorsement programs.

Intended for registered nurses interested in completing the requirements for the New Jersey School Nurse certificate, Monmouth’s program includes courses that are usually included as part of a BSN program. Students with a baccalaureate degree in nursing will generally receive transfer credits for the foundation courses.

Gainful Employment

The U.S. Department of Education requires that we disclose certain information about academic programs that do not lead to a degree (e.g., certificate programs) but that prepare a student for gainful employment in a recognized occupation. Each School Nurse Endorsement at Monmouth University is defined as a gainful employment program. You can review the required disclosures for School Nursing and School Nursing Non-Instructional. Should you require additional information about these gainful employment disclosures, please contact the Financial Aid Office.