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Unparalleled Learning Experiences

Unparalleled Learning Experiences

Monmouth University’s 30-credit graduate literacy program has remarkable hands-on field work and networking opportunities for students.


Monmouth’s graduate literacy program offers many varied opportunities for fieldwork, ranging from analyzing classroom literacy to designing a reading comprehension program. Four clinical classes (offered in the summer and the academic year) and our strong relationships with regional school districts ensure that you will have ample opportunity to practice what you learn in the classroom under the close supervision of an experienced reading specialist. Two clinical courses: EDL 526 and 585 are offered in the summer; the two other clinical courses EDL 564 and EDL 565 are offered in the academic year. All classes are project based and require work completed in a K-12 classroom setting. Our deep contacts in the region and beyond have often been helpful to our students and graduates as they seek opportunities in their fields.

Literacy Clinics at Monmouth University

Monmouth University offers reading and writing assessment and instruction programs for students in Kindergarten through 12th grades. The Literacy clinics are designed to determine children’s strengths and areas of need in literacy, as well as to provide instruction in reading and writing strategies. The programs are grounded in research and linked to national and state standards.

The Literacy clinic also hosts an annual gathering featuring a notable keynote speaker in reading specialization. The symposium attracts nearly 200 thought leaders and educators in the field, providing important peer learning and networking opportunities. Monmouth students also have the opportunity to present their work.