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Fraternity and Sorority Life

Governing Councils

The Greek Senate

  • Forms the central governing council for all fraternal organizations
  • Serves as a forum for discussing current fraternity/sorority issues and concerns on the campus and globally
  • Provides an avenue for communication regarding each fraternity/sorority governing body’s events, information, and concerns
  • Provides programs, events, and community service opportunities in order to strengthen fraternal unity

The Senate is comprised of the an executive board member from each chapter. The Senate meetings are open to any fraternity or sorority member who would like to share their ideas or just come and listen.

The Senate meetings are held weekly.

Inter-fraternity Council (IFC)

  • Promote harmonious relations among the fraternities of Monmouth University
  • Promote inter-fraternalism participation in intramurals and all fraternity/sorority events
  • Standardize, control, and regulate the recruitment activities
  • Support and recommend expansion of new fraternities
  • Cooperate with the University and Campus organizations in matters of common interests

The IFC meets weekly.

Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)

  • Serves as a supervisory and governing board of all culturally-based fraternal organizations at Monmouth University
  • Addresses the importance of creating cultural and ethnic awareness and acknowledges there is a need for people holding similar views to support the Monmouth University Fraternity/Sorority community and the Monmouth University community
  • Enhances the opportunity to symbolize and express more effectively the values and opinions related to causes exhibited by minority fraternal organizations
  • Supports and recommends the extension of new fraternities and sororities within the council

The MGC meets weekly.

Panhellenic Council (PHC)

  • The Panhellenic Councils strives to develop and maintain the fraternal life and Inter-fraternity relations at a high level of accomplishment.
  • Considers the goals and ideals of member groups as continually applicable to campus and personal life
  • Promotes superior scholarship as a foundation to intellectual achievement
  • Oversees the recruitment process for all NPC sororities
  • Cooperates with member fraternities and the University administration in concern for and maintenance of high social and moral standards

The Panhellenic Council meets weekly.

For more information about Monmouth University’s Fraternities and Sororities, please contact the Greek Senate at 732-923-4710 or the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life at 732-263-5319.