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COVID-19 Update: University offices are open but being staffed remotely. Classes will be conducted remotely for all summer sessions.

Cost and Financial Aid

Lessons in Your Home Scholarship

The Lessons In Your Home Scholarship is open to prospective and enrolled college students. Students are required:

  1. To be fulltime in school
  2. Studying aspects of music, music business,  performance, or production (major or minor in any music school program.)
  3. Studying at a U.S. Institution.
  4. Must be 18 or older (high school seniors welcome)
  5. Must be able to deliver all specified documents: proof of enrollment, essay, and other information if necessary.

Scholarship Award:

A $500 scholarship is being awarded for the Fall of 2020. This scholarship can only be used for educational expenses including tuition, books, rooming, and other appropriate expenses.

How To Apply

Students will email Sarah Bell at with the following information:

  1. Your Name, address, phone number, and name of the college you’re attending
  2. A 600-word essay on why the world needs music, along with a summary of your journey in music.
  3. When submitting the essay in your email, the essay file must be in .docx format. Only one essay submission per applicant.
  4. Enrollment proof and other necessary documents must be provided if chosen for this reward.
  5. The winner’s essay and basic information may be shared on our site if won.

MusicAuthority’s Annual Music Lovers Scholarship

MusicAuthority recognizes the positive impact that music can have on a student’s learning experience. Studies have shown how music can enhance learning- from improving memory performance to relieving anxiety, music can be a great component to aid a student’s college experience.

We are proud to offer our $1,000 scholarship to one current or prospective student for the 2019 school year. We will be offering this scholarship on a continual basis and we are excited to promote a passion for music and higher education.

All applicants must be enrolled, or due to be enrolled, as a full-time student at an accredited US college or university for the semester that they are applying to receive the scholarship. 

Applicants are not required to have a minimum GPA.

Domestic, international, and undocumented students may apply.

Students attending online universities are welcome to apply.

Please write a 1200-1500 word essay answering the following questions:
1. How has music influenced your life, passions, ambitions?
2. How is music a part of your education?
3. What is your favorite type of music or musician to listen to while studying?

Please write a brief biography (300-500 words)  that will be posted on our site if you are selected as the winner.

Please submit proof of enrollment or an acceptance letter in an accredited university. We will accept a recent transcript, acceptance letter, or tuition bill. Please note if you are in the process of applying for colleges and universities, please indicate your current school and submit a document with the schools you have currently applied to. If you are selected for the scholarship, we will ask you to provide proof of enrollment for your college or university at that time.

BMI Student Composer Award

Citizens of a country in the Western Hemisphere; currently studying music, either in an educational institution or privately; under the age of 28 at the time of submission.  Please see website for application and additional information.

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