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Cost and Financial Aid

Eastern Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce (EMACC)

The Eastern Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce (EMACC) Educational Foundation intends
to grant approximately ten scholarships, which vary in value from a minimum of $2,000 to
eligible persons who meet the established criteria. Eligibility and criteria are defined below.
Determination of eligibility and selection of recipients will be made by the Board of Directors of
the EMACC Foundation (“Foundation Board”), in its sole discretion.

ELIGIBILITY: Qualifications for a scholarship:
● A scholarship applicant must either live or work within Monmouth County, New Jersey
Or the applicant must work for and be sponsored by a Chamber member. A list of EMACC
members may be found at NOTE: In this case the applicant, not a relative,
must work for a Chamber member.
● Or the applicant must live in housing provided by a Chamber member that is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization whose mission includes providing affordable housing and must be
sponsored by the Chamber member which provides such housing.
● Or the applicant must attend a Chamber member college or university. A list of EMACC
members may be found at
Do not proceed unless you meet one of the three qualifications above.
● A scholarship applicant must provide a recommendation by a member in good standing of
EMACC who is not a relative. The EMACC office can verify the name of a representative.
A list of EMACC members may be found at NOTE: Any employee,
faculty member, or staff of the member organization, business, college, or university may
write the recommendation and a:
● Second recommendation by an individual who is not related to the applicant is also required.

Category A) $2,000 for a student at least 25 years old as of September of the current year, who is
returning to school, changing careers or pursuing education for career advancement.
Category B) $2,000 for a college student entering his/her junior or senior year, and/or has completed
60 credits, who is in need of help to complete his/her degree because of increased
expenses or decreased finances.

Scholarships are available to full and part- time students. If the annual cost of an applicant’s
education or training program is less than $2,000, any award to that applicant will be the lower

GRANT PROGRAM: Please note that the EMACC Educational Foundation offers a separate
grant program for students pursuing post high school vocational, technical, or certification
programs. The application can be found on our page at:
CRITERIA: In awarding scholarships, the EMACC Educational Foundation Board of Directors
may consider any or all of the following in its sole discretion: prior academic, vocational or
professional performance; extracurricular or community activities; financial need; letters of
recommendation; character; personal statements or interview.
STATEMENT OF NON-DISCRIMINATION: The awarding of scholarships shall be made
without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age or
physical handicap.
APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Applications for scholarships shall be made on forms and in
accordance with procedures developed by the Foundation Board. All applications, including
references, must be completed and received at the EMACC Office by, Friday, May 3, 2019 at
5:00PM EST. Completed applications can be sent via:
● e-mail, as an attachment:
● U.S. mail: EMACC Educational Foundation, 8 Reckless Pl, Ste 1, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Scholarships will be awarded on or about June 7, 2019, by the Foundation Board.

USE OF SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS: Scholarships will be awarded for college tuition and fees.

RULES: The Foundation Board may adopt any rules necessary or desirable in its sole discretion to
carry out the objectives of the Foundation, including a request for additional information from the

PAYMENT: Scholarship checks shall be made payable to the institution or, in certain
circumstances, as the Foundation Board otherwise deems appropriate.

The Foundation Board reserves the right to award scholarships as it deems appropriate including,
without limitation, the right to award more than one scholarship in a particular category, the right to
refrain from awarding any scholarship in a particular category, and the right to refrain from awarding
any scholarship in any of the categories in its sole discretion.

Please enclose on a separate sheet of paper a brief essay about yourself. Your essay should cover
the following points:
● Why you want to continue your education or training
● First-time applicant: How this scholarship will help you achieve your goals
● Previous recipient: What you have achieved with the help of this scholarship. Note:
The members of the Foundation Board change from year to year and they may not be
familiar with your previous application.
● How you intend to utilize your education to contribute to the business, civic and/or
cultural aspects of the EMACC community
● Prior academic, vocational or professional performance and/or extracurricular or
community activities, as applicable
● Why you have a need for financial assistance

NOTE: In scoring your application, the committee will give the most weight to evidence of
character, community service and your description of your plans for the future.