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Second Master’s Scholarship

Partial-tuition scholarships are available to students who have completed a master’s degree program at Monmouth University and who return to the University to matriculate for a second master’s degree, graduate certificate program, or graduate endorsement program.  Scholarship amounts vary as a function of tuition and the number of credits you enroll in.  Scholarships may not be combined with Monmouth University tuition remission benefits, the senior citizen tuition discount, the Graduate Scholarship, and/or the Math/Science Educator Scholarship. However, the scholarship may be combined with a Graduate Assistantship and employer tuition reimbursement as long as the total funding does not exceed tuition and fees (fees do not include books). Scholarships are available during the fall, spring, and summer terms. All applicants for admission are evaluated for scholarship eligibility; students do not need to complete a separate scholarship application. Scholarships are renewable for the duration of your enrollment, provided that you maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00.

Please note: This scholarship is not applicable to students in doctoral level programs (i.e., DNP, DSW, EDD, and OTD).

The Second Master’s Scholarship has been discontinued for students entering master’s-level programs in Summer 2023 and beyond.  Graduate students who began their enrollment prior to Summer Session A 2023 will continue to receive the scholarship that they are otherwise entitled to for the duration of their current academic program, provided they meet all eligibility requirements and maintain continuous enrollment.