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Office of the Controller

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday:
8:45 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Fax: 732-263-5270

The Great Hall at Shadow Lawn, 203

The Controller’s Office is responsible for administering the financial policies and procedures of the University. We serve the University Community by providing a variety of financial and accounting services. We are responsible for preparation of the University’s audited financial statements as well as financial and tax reports to several government agencies including the Internal Revenue Service. The Controller’s Office maintains the general ledger and provides information and online inquiry to assist departments in monitoring their budgets and accounts. We review/approve salary and non-salary expenditures in accordance with the University’s budget, policies and procedures. Our office is responsible for general accounting, treasury management, accounting and reporting for investments and endowment.

Following are the departments within the Controller’s Office:

Members of the Controller’s Office staff include:

Mary Byrne

Associate Vice President And Controller

Controller’s Office

The Great Hall at Shadow Lawn, 110

Maria D’Anna

Assistant to the Associate Vice President/Accounting Assistant

Phone: 732-571-3407

Marie Del Cristo

Senior Accountant

Phone: 732-263-5535

Catherine Duriske

Assistant Vice President For Financial Reporting

Phone: 732-571-3624

Josephine Estelle

Director Of Treasury Operations

Phone: 732-571-3686

Betsy Lunney

Assistant Vice President For Treasury Operations

Phone: 732-571-3568

Rosemary Tavares

Staff Accountant

Phone: 732-571-4450


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