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Wilson Annex 400 Dedicated in Dr. Prescott Evarts’ Memory

Words Matter, Spring 2019

by Damian Luboch

The dedication of Wilson Annex 400 as the Evarts Seminar Room was held on Friday, April 19, 2019. Colleagues and family were in attendance to celebrate the life and legacy of the late Dr. Prescott Evarts Jr., who was a pivotal force in shaping Monmouth as a liberal arts institution. Dr. Evarts was a core member in the University, whose passion for teaching classical and modern works touched the lives of faculty and students alike.

Speakers at the dedication ceremony included Dr. Susan Goulding, Chair, Associate Dean Michael Thomas (who read poetry by Yeats and Evarts), Dr. Sue Starke, Mrs. Janine Evarts, and son Geoff Evarts.

Dr. Susan Goulding concluded her remarks, stating, “It is a pleasure to see this room where Dr. Evarts spent so much time meeting with students and faculty, 51 years, in the hall where his presence graced us all, dedicated in his memory.”

One of Dr. Evarts’ poems, “The Way Home,” now decorates the room that was dedicated in his honor. The Evarts Seminar Room will forever commemorate Dr. Evarts and his indelible contributions to liberal arts here at Monmouth.