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B.A. in History and Education with Endorsements in P-3 and Teacher of Students with Disabilities

About the Program

The History and Education with an Endorsement in P-3 and Teachers of Students with Disabilities program is designed to prepare students for a career in education and provide an understanding of the complex forces that have shaped the modern world.

Students will develop their teaching skills by spending time in the classroom and learning how to navigate the needs of young children from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and young children with disabilities.

They will also gain critical thinking, research, analytical, and communication skills that will guide them throughout their professional careers and will be presented with a wide range of opportunities such as, teaching in a resource room, self-contained setting, or a general education inclusive classroom.

Additionally, students will learn the process of documenting the human experience from early ancestors to today’s urban societies, and gain a strong background in U.S., European History, and the History of Western Civilization.

Core Courses

  • United States History
  • Western Civilization in World Perspective
  • Introduction to Early Childhood Education
  • Special Education Strategies in P-6 Social Studies and Content Instruction
  • Literacy Instruction in P-6 Educational Setting

Student Outcomes

Our students have gone on to have successful careers in education with the assistance of Monmouth University’s extensive network of local school and district partnerships. At Monmouth, students are introduced to a variety of teaching environments and work with a diverse group of individuals, and small and large groups of students, making them more marketable upon graduation.

Undergraduate Research & Internships

Monmouth University students are immersed in the classroom as early as sophomore year and will have supervised clinical experience including 100 hours in the classroom.

Students have the opportunity to participate in the study abroad, Clinical Component Courses, Fieldwork for Clinical Experience and Component, Clinical Practice, applying for substitute teaching credentials, and our collaborative P-12 School Partnerships.

Students enrolled in the History and Education program also participate in internships and experiential programs including, opportunities to work in museums, historical associations, heritage and educational centers, national parks, and historical sites in New Jersey.

Photo of Dr. Jason Fitzgerald

Jason Fitzgerald, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Chair

Curriculum and Instruction

Robert E. McAllan Hall, 218