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Contacts & Leadership Teams

Who to Contact

Updated: Monday, Sept. 20, 2021

If you test positive for COVID-19 please contact Health Services at 732-571-3464.

For questions related to student activities:
Contact the Office of Student Life at 732-571-3586.

For admissions questions:
Contact the Undergraduate Admission Office at 732-571-3456, or the Graduate Admission Office at 732-571-3452.

For academic-related questions:
Students should contact their instructors, and faculty should contact their department chairs.

For academic support-related information:
Review the information on the Academic Support for Remote Learning page.

For the latest COVID-19-related updates to federal financial aid:
Visit the Federal Student Aid web page. You can also follow the Monmouth University Financial Aid Office on Facebook for financial aid information and updates.

If you are experiencing discrimination or harassment in relation to the coronavirus:
Contact the Office of Equity and Diversity at 732-571-7577.

For questions about coronavirus or health services:
Contact the Monmouth University Health Center at 732-571-3464.

For study abroad questions:
Contact the Global Education Office at 732-923-4768.

For help with quitting smoking, vaping, or other substance use, contact the Office of Substance Awareness for free and confidential remote counseling sessions. To schedule an appointment, please email

Leadership Teams

The University has deployed several cross-functional teams to coordinate COVID-19 efforts.

Surveillance Team

Responsible for coordinating campus-wide COVID-19 efforts and providing oversight for all on-campus COVID-19 activities.

Response Team

Responsible for activating services for persons who test positive for COVID-19 and are then placed in isolation.

Contact Tracing Team

Responsible for performing contact tracing in collaboration with the Monmouth County Regional Health Commission No. 1 for employees and students by communicating via phone, email, text or secure messaging with any potential direct contact of a COVID-19-positive person.

The University’s plans and protocols are subject to change in response to evolving guidance from local, state, and federal government and public health officials. We will continue to update this website regularly and encourage you to check back often for the most up-to-date information.