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Vaccination Requirements

In order to best serve the health needs of our students and to comply with New Jersey Higher Education Immunization laws, the documents listed below must be completed and submitted to Monmouth University Health Services. Please submit this documentation immediately; this must be provided by the following deadlines in order to be enrolled at the University:

  • Fall Semester:  July 15
  • Spring Semester:  January 7
  • Summer Semesters:  One week prior to the beginning of the session

We ask that all forms be submitted through our online Student Health Portal. In order to access the Monmouth University Student Health Portal, please visit the Monmouth University Portal. Once you have logged in to the Monmouth University Portal, select the “I Need to” tab and select “Access to Student Health Portal.” You will then log in to this system using your Monmouth ID (place a “s” in front of the student ID number) and password. You are now ready to begin to submit all required health forms electronically.

IMPORTANT: If you have not already done so, you will need to activate your student account before accessing the portal. To do this, please call the password activation line, 732-923-4600.

Within the Student Health Portal, please submit:

  1. Health History Form. 
    Note: This is an online form to be completed by you and not your healthcare provider.

Documents to be uploaded: Go to the Upload tab in the Portal.

  1. Immunization History: Required for persons age 30 years and younger taking on-campus or hybrid courses. You may submit a copy of your healthcare provider’s immunization record or you can use the immunization template found under Forms in the Portal. If using the immunization template, the document must be stamped by your doctor’s office. Please review records to make certain all vaccinations are included. For your information, required vaccines are:
    • Two MMR vaccines: first dose on/after first birthday.
      • In lieu of immunizations you may submit a lab report demonstrating immunity for measles, mumps, and rubella;
    • Three Hepatitis B vaccines: required if you are taking 9 or more credits.
      • In lieu of immunizations you may submit a lab report demonstrating  positive titer for hepatitis b surface antibody.
    • Meningitis (MenACWY) vaccine: One dose on or after 16th birthday.
      • Required for ALL students ages 18 years or younger (both commuter and residential)
      • Required for ANY student regardless of age, living in campus-sponsored housing.
    • PPD/Mantoux test: *only required for international students. Must be within last year.
  2. Health Insurance Card. Please scan both sides and upload to the Student Health Portal.

Exemptions: If seeking exemption from immunizations, upload related document(s) under the Upload tab; select Immunization Exemption Document from the drop down arrow and then upload a saved image of your document.

If you have any questions or do not have computer access or scanning capability, please contact Health Services at Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this process.