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My Monmouth Story: Robert DeRosa ’80

Robert DeRosa attributes his education at Monmouth to his successful prize wheel company. He talks about how his company offers interns the ability to learn from the technical, marketing, graphic design, and engineering standpoints of creating and selling his product.

Robert DeRosa '80
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My Monmouth Story: Andre McKenzie ’15

Andre McKenzie, business management major, talks about his internship at Fastenal, a shipping and manufacturing company, and how it has helped him prepare for the real world.

Andre McKenzie '15
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My Monmouth Story: Michael Benedetto ’90

Michael Benedetto reflects on his time at Monmouth and how it has led him from the Leon Hess Business School with a concentration in management to law school.

Michael Benedetto '90
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My Monmouth Story: Kelly Keefe ’11

Kelly Keefe, a marketing consultant who has started her own company since graduating from Monmouth, talks about how she wants to continue to give back to her alma mater.

Kelly Keefe '11
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My Monmouth Story: Keith Harvey

Keith Harvey, managing partner of Gold Coast Cadillac, explains how Monmouth interns, from business backgrounds to art backgrounds, are helpful to his business.

Keith Harvey
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My Monmouth Story: Andrew Stern ’11

Andrew Stern, a Leon Hess Business School graduate, describes how his business and marketing background from Monmouth helped him develop COREiculum, the first fitness company made specifically for college students.

Andrew Stern '11
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My Monmouth Story: Nicole Rabbat ’09

Nicole Rabbat talks about her experience in the Leon Hess Business School and entrepreneurship class at Monmouth and how they helped her start her own perfume company.

Nicole Rabbat '09
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My Monmouth Story: Sabrina Hayes ’14

Sabrina Hayes describes how the Leon Hess Business School and the entrepreneurship class at Monmouth have helped her start her own small business, Pawtriots, which helps American veterans in need of service dogs.

Sabrina Hayes '14
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My Monmouth Story: Deb Mannix ’83

Deb Mannix gives advice to current students and explains why she has stayed connected to Monmouth more than 30 years after graduating.

Deb Mannix '83
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