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Leon Hess Business School Micro-Credentials

The LHBS micro-credentials are a collection of courses that a learner can complete with evidence of learning outcomes that a potential employer can digitally verify for internships and jobs. LHBS provides micro-credentials to validate and affirm our students’ learning, making them more appealing to potential employers. Micro-credentials show that a learner has mastered a skill, competency area, or field of study. These offerings will be completed in short, flexible timeframes with a clear focus. There are indications that stackable micro-credentials are the right step in achieving learner persistence with bite-sized accomplishments, retention by promoting positive motivation to complete a micro-credential, and success through demonstrations of experiential learning in terms of internships and eventual gainful employment.

Micro-credentials enable non-traditional and adult learners looking to return to college to establish life-long learning, a desire for development, and career advancement. Again, stacking towards a degree micro-credentials allow non-traditional learners to gain confidence and motivation to continue their education.

One of the most common ways micro-credentials are recognized is via a digital badge that can link prospective employers to learner profiles. Earned micro-credentials may be mentioned in learner resumes at the early stages of their progress toward a degree (and as learners progress in their micro-credential). Upon completion of micro-credential coursework criteria set by the LHBS departments, learners can receive a searchable digital badge. This badge can be shared on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and other outlets.

The requirements for receiving a badge include completing all required coursework for the micro-credential at Monmouth University and earning a minimum grade of B in each of the program’s courses.

List of Micro-Credentials

Accounting Fundamentals
Earners of the Accounting Fundamentals micro-credential badge have developed the skills to prepare a financial statement and interpret and analyze financial information to assess data-driven decisions. They gained knowledge of cost behavior patterns and the process costing system. Earners of this badge have acquired financial, managerial, cost accounting, and data analysis competencies.

Badge Requirements

  • Completion of all required coursework for BA 251 Principles of Financial Accounting, BA 252 Principles of Managerial Accounting, BA 311 Intermediate Accounting, and BA 320 Managerial Cost Analysis.
  • Student must earn a minimum grade of B.
Investment Management
Earners of the Investment Management micro-credential badge have a thorough understanding of financial instruments: debt-based, equity-based and derivative instruments. They gained skills and experience in the mechanics of pricing derivatives and their applications in hedging risk. Earners also gained experience in the actual investment portfolio at professional standards. They are proficient in Excel and earned Bloomberg certification.

Badge Requirements

  • Completion of all required coursework for BF 422 Investments, BF 435 Derivatives, and BF 452 Portfolio Management.
  • Student must earn a minimum grade of B.
Earners of the Entrepreneurship micro-credential badge are exposed to entrepreneurial actions. These aspiring entrepreneurs have a fundamental knowledge of business creation and management. They know how to navigate internal and external opportunities to sustain the new venture. Earners have knowledge of creating a business plan and the ability to solve problems, communicate effectively, and make critical and analytical decisions.

Badge Requirements

  • Completion of all required coursework for BM 250 Principles of Management, BK 250 Principles of Marketing, BM 451 Entrepreneurship, and BM 482 Small Business Management.
  • Student must earn a minimum grade of B.
Digital Integrated Marketing Communications
Earners of the Digital Integrated Marketing Communications micro-credential badge are exposed to the creative applications of digital models and tools to effectively communicate organization’s marketing campaigns while strategically developing feedback mechanisms. Earners also gained experience in creating marketing plans and procuring advertising strategies. They are adept at utilizing social media platforms and traditional media. They are also skilled in producing content.

Badge Requirements

  • Completion of all required coursework for BK 407 Digital Marketing, BK 411 Principles of Advertising, and BK 457 Social Media Marketing.
  • Student must earn a minimum grade of B.
Business-to-Business Marketing Earners of the Business-to-Business Marketing micro-credential badge are exposed to the behind-the-scenes (invisible) operations of marketing activities that reflect themost critical part of marketing management in corporations that are usually not seen by the consumers. Successful marketing operations are usually involved in personal selling or relationship building, especially in business-to-business operations. Students are required to complete the selected courses below with a grade of B or higher.  
  • BK421 Services Marketing 
  • BK422 Principles of Personal Selling 
  • BK452 Business Marketing 
Marketing Data Analytics Earners of the Marketing Data Analytics micro-credential badge are exposed to the use of big data and the analytical skills adopted by successful marketers in understanding their customers in today’s marketplaces, where companies take advantage of data generated by various popular digital media. The application of marketing analytics in digital media (including social media) can help marketers target their potential customers whom they may not be able to otherwise. Students are required to complete the selected courses below with a grade of B or higher.
  • BK301 Marketing Research 
  • BK406 Marketing Analytics 
  • BK407 Digital Marketing