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Leon Hess Business School

Center for Entrepreneurship

Turning nascent business ideas into viable strategies and ultimately into thriving organizations.


Success in business is a cumulative result of the many facets of an enterprise coupled with an ethereal ‘entrepreneurial spirit.’

The mission of the Monmouth University Center for Entrepreneurship (MUCE) is to nurture entrepreneurial thinking through a community of business partners committed to achieving social and economic progress.

Engaging partnerships and cooperation among students, faculty, lenders, and prospective entrepreneurs, the center seeks to develop lasting affiliations between the University and private sector in advancing imagination and leadership for business value creation.

Established in Spring 2008, a unique feature of the Center is application of a micro-credit framework—based on the Nobel Peace Prize winning work of Mohammad Yunus—to small businesses in the surrounding communities of the University. Coupled with the established successes of the entrepreneurship and small business classes of the Leon Hess Business School, the center is making a difference in the community and business education.